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  1. Joshmeister

    Snarky Puppy

    these are also great!! The only downfall to their music i think is that the mixes are edited!! I can't hear the guitar and keys half the time unless they have a solo haha. And being a pianist, that is annoying lol
  2. to the forums! Glad to have you, and enjoy your stay!
  3. I think it's ok, but then again, my highest is only tier 5.... It's a fun game for what it is. And yes, like most free games, you can only progress so fast without spending money.
  4. I was playing Unreal Tournament (my first multiplayer game) with my dad and needed a name. He was like "what about Joshmeister?", and I was like ".....OK". I know, it's a very intriguing story behind my extremely unique name. This must have been when i was around 10-11.
  5. The graphics and gameplay look amazing, but it is quite a bit different than battlefront 2... idk yet
  6. Joshmeister

    I'm BACK!

    hey, welcome back!
  7. Anyone have this game? I believe it is a free game that is pretty much a huge online multiplayer game- it's very a interesting setup. The clan system is called an "outfit" in this game and they host no servers, because everybody plays on one of 6 servers based on location. Quite a few people play this game and it's not bad, either. You guys might consider looking into it especially for the low maintenance. Edit- I searched forums for previous posts on this game and found people dont really like it too much lol. It's still worth looking into if you haven't already
  8. yep doesn't help much lol
  9. they also misspelled safely on 2 lol. Safetly hahaha
  10. branch + crack can i have your number? this is hard

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