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  1. PC crashed, im offline for some days, ill be back :))

  2. Im back!!

    1. RedBaird


      Well hello, whoever you are! :) You can post in the Website subforum of Tracker to get your group changed from "Inactive Member" back to "Trial member". :D You can title it something like "I'm back and need group fixed". :)

    2. untitled


      Done , i guess. Thanks for the help

  3. hehe , still looks like a black plastic stuff after the "real" cheese
  4. untitled

    Crazy Free Kick

    Hahah , nice one. Asians lol
  5. Get well soon Bianchi !

  6. I know , they are not able to show it until we know anything about his condition
  7. As a big sportfan i love formula-1. Today race was a bit shocking... Let's pray for Jules , he must win the biggest race of his life now ! Although some site says that he can breath on his own now ,his head got damaged heavily . Did anyone see the race?
  8. untitled

    Problems with et

    Try this maybe I didnt do this cuz i didnt need it anymore ,but its worth a try
  9. That's sick.. not brave lol :D I would never do that
  10. Hope TSM or C9 will reach the final or atleast the semi-final... It's getting boring that the asian teams are unbeatable
  11. name : KingsLeeee server : EUW Let's kick some as* together , lol

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