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  1. Congrats, you are ACCEPTable now! :)

    1. The_Dor_Man


      Didnt underSTAND ...probably becuase im siting...


  2. Finally some movement in abner .. Hope it will be bring more regulars there
  3. Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Whooo! Elections day!!

  5. Much school. Very test. Wow

  6. congratz good luck and have fun!
  7. Im just curious to know what map would you like to see again in CoD4. I think that adding back Showdown and Killhouse would be a great addition to begginers. BTW, Is the Killhouse 24/7 server 1.6 or 1.7? I havent seen it in 1.7. Good day, Dor
  8. Well, germany was fun but now its time to get back to buisness!

  9. Flying to Germany in 5 hours!!!! I will post!

    1. TTFr


      Have a good trip!

  10. Man, AW looks great, but Im still waiting for AC:Unity :)

  11. Same. I think this change is only for the better. It will make the server more popular and have a bigger regulars community who are getting tired of non-stop TDM and tubes on begginers and are just too lazy/dont know how to get on 1.6 and play on abner. Basicly, a great decision. Have been waiting for it since I first played on Abner! BTW, Why is it called abner?
  12. Hey jack! good to see ya here Hope you will have a great time! Dor
  13. Hey and welcome to FA ! I hope you will have fun with us!

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