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  1. selfkill ?

    o yes Paradise I too , try to do selfkill . Practice reflex and make fun of panzerman xD
  2. Funny screenshots from our server!

    can anyone beat me 1 shot 1 kill 2 hs ? xD
  3. aim

    did you get to the top 100 results ? Give something
  4. aim

    Hi guys I found an interesting site to improve your skills in the game. I think you enjoy it and everyone will find something there for yourself .Are you have something interesting, drop here. Thank you and have fun Pa!adyn. http://aim400kg.ru/en/
  5. 1 shots 1 hits 1 kill 2hs that no cheat that skill
  6. =F|A=1

    TSP working again. Thanks to JoNny
  7. =F|A=1

    hey I have a question about TSP why is not working on fa1 server. I thing we lose players usually on this time we have more then 35 players on server now is lots of bots ;/
  8. Jack Daniels

    haha that was nice weekend I try connect to server
  9. Jack Daniels

    how to stop drinking Jack Daniels. After 4 days a holiday me and my friend finish 6liters whisky. whisky is nice and after party we are don't have a headache
  10. mouse + keyboard

    Ann!b@l Last week I bought a mouse SteelSeries Sensei, and I think that will be reason to celebrate Continue looking for the appropriate settings can someone tell me how to set on some good
  11. Enemy Territory List of Playable Maps

    where UJE gone from fa1 nice map