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  1. Hey sunil where you been

    1. Sunil Kumar

      Sunil Kumar

      I am preparing for ssc exam.📚

    2. Kai


      Ok man good luck

  2. Exam,no time to play.1st study then game !!!!

    1. Helsen


      good decision! :). Goodluck and we will be around when you finished your exams :D

    2. Raskin


      Best of luck..

  3. its"s my style says "Hello" after killed.cya in game.
  4. Couldn't load an official pak file: verify your installation and make sure it has been updated to the latest version." i got this error message when tried to play on joy1.need help to fix this problem.
  5. need help.i can help you to translate in hindi. from sunil kumar
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv_Qjzca56k
  7. There are many questions posted about "how to play better", "how can I frag", and there are as many answers and tutorials.. but one thing that is common in all FPS games winners and that is not much spoken is your attitude.. not if you get along with other players but your attitude towards the game.. so where are a few tips.. that may help you became a better player If this was real life.. I would agree that you only have one life.. so you should spare it.. But this is a game, and never have I seen a game where you get rewarded by not dying.. games always score your kills.. so..
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