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  1. Thanks for the reply/link @wolfie! I'm gonna try reinstalling again now, although I think my new issue is self-inflicted (by upgrading to El Capitan too hastily). *crosses fingers*
  2. @mandinghino what version of OS X are you currently running? I'm troubleshooting a similar issue as well.
  3. Sorry for the numerous self posts, but this seems to possibly explain the problem that arose 2-3 weeks prior: http://support.aspyr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204669814--SUPER-IMPORTANT-Info-for-users-on-OS-10-7-or-older- "In a series of upcoming updates, some of our games will no longer support OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion)." So I've upgraded and run into the other issue mentioned above (with OS X 10.11.1). *sigh*
  4. After some more digging, I ran across the most recent reviews on the App Store for COD4 and it seems like a pretty widespread problem (last few pages of reviews). Suppose I'll just have to sit tight for Aspyr to push a fix. ... seems like a known issue: http://blog.gameagent.com/should-mac-gamers-update-to-os-x-10-11-el-capitan/
  5. Happened about 2 weeks ago. I'm on a Mac. Clicked Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer icon. It bounced in the dock a few times, but never launched. Odd. Tried again. Icon bounced once and no launch. This went on for some time but I could never get the game to launch. Restarted my machine a few times. Uninstalled/reinstalled COD4. Even tried a launching the program from a guest account. Nothing. I ended up upgrading my OS thinking it was too far out-of-date (I was running Snow Leapord 10.6.8). Anyway, I've since updated to El Capitan (10.11.1). Still no launch. Ran Disk Utility. No launch. After some Google-fu, I ran across an issue with the game and sound card. In these cases, plugging in a mic seemed to fix the issue. I've tried this and still haven't had any luck. Sorta at a loss at to what steps to take next. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Recently gave my Ontario Rat II a good deep cleaning. The action had gotten all gritty from months of use (renovation projects and such), but after a good cleaning and a little oil, it's working like new again.
  7. Classy as hell! I love a good traditional knife.
  8. This thing hardly counts as a knife as it's so small, but it makes a good scraper of tobacco pipes.
  9. That's some beautiful work right there--mega props!
  10. My dog just finished rubbing himself all over a dead lizard. The smell is unbearable. It's bathtime.

  11. Just got a new job and we're renovating our home so I'll be on a bit less :(

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    2. Achiyan


      and good luck with your renovation!!!

    3. CruelKind


      new job & renovations = :) not :( - have fun!

    4. LustyRazor


      @Achiyan RustyLazor was a QuakeLive handle I used :D I guess I use them interchangeably... great minds!

  12. I purchased this no-name knife at a truck stop years ago when I realized I had no knife in my vehicle (as a tool not a weapon—don't use your knife as a weapon unless you wanna get cut... or you're playing COD).
  13. That's a fighting style knife, correct? You ever trained with it? It looks pretty damn mean!

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