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  1. Thanks peeps for the good wishes!! i just hope to be back after my exams are over
  2. Happy birthday mikutard Soz just couldn't stop myself
  3. I am sorry guys..... I am stuck with some real life issues and really really busy.....


    I am not getting much time for servers... I am trying to work on forums as much as I can 😕

    1. Hulk


      Real Life first! You can only do what you can do. Thank you so much for what you have done.👍

    2. CheepHeep


      All good man ❤️ Take your time. We dont need yo- *cough* i mean....we'll miss you. :P

    3. Jiren


      Do not worry, the most important thing is your life, take your time ;)



      Greetings ❤️

  4. Welcome to forums dude!! Saw you during gamedays and also in discord
  5. Thanks to all the event organisers and all the people who helped Also the people thanks for coming to our gamedays We will try to make things better the next gameday
  6. Thanks for all the hardwork Really wished you would understand what u did wrong..... So many admins tried to help you in any case that's all past no point in bringing that up keep enjoying on our servers -Good luck
  7. Great, finally ^^ it's here again See you peeps on 29th on NQ3
  8. Happy birthday Heckenoff!! :3 now treat everyone with a 'beer' :3
  9. Croatia go go go!! Best wishes to both the teams ^^
  10. Ping me on discord when you are on today
  11. Hello and welcome to forums ^^
  12. Finally ^^ Great to see you here Welcome to forums man
  13. Will be inactive from today to 8th in servers... For anything you can ping me on discord or forums :)

    1. Tosti


      Please don't wanna kill ye 🗡️🗡️🗡️

    2. Vindstot


      For anything? I would like some cocaine... so can you deliver me?

      Also: Have fun! :D

  14. Hello and welcome to forums ^^
  15. Hello and welcome to forums ^^
  16. Try connecting the forum profile with your old display name - "Cito", see if that works if not try with email, let us know what happens Also, update your new W:ET GUID and S:ET GUID on your profile, otherwise we can't set you up
  17. Hello and welcome to forums
  18. Your group needs to be set Make a topic here - https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/246-qa-reports-issues/ So that we can set your group..... If you don't have levels in server feel free to ask recruiter+ I would also like to suggest to go through our rules in wiki as you were inactive - Good luck
  19. The next season will be freakin' awesome!! That's all just can't wait
  20. Or probably this is a sign that she will be dead
  21. @lehmwell technically I didn't know about it, so in any case that's not copied And besides there can only be one phoenix
  22. There was another phoenix here before me, sounds interesting o.0

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