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  1. News Welcome our new staff member

    Gratz mate .... @Spyderwebber ^^
  2. That moment when people call you by the name "tipsy" -_--_- and in real you are not him 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Neuro


      Or when "lil tipsy!" seems to know me by "Nero". I'm still confused by that. And if someone calls me that one more time........

    3. PhoeniXx


      The one to be blamed for that is @Patrick , @Neuro xD

      But lil tipsy is tipsy indeed :P

    4. Vindstot


      wait, you arent tipsy? o.o

      then who is that guy? :o

  3. Happy Birthday ViP3r*

    Happy birthday have a blast!!
  4. Bam!! What a promo :P .... Wasn't in my hometown so didn't even know about it.... Thanks to all the members of fa, will keep up the good job :)... It was a big surprise though :P

  5. Hi my name is daky

    Hello and welcome to forums
  6. Thought of mlb Egypt myself... But that map is really big for 13 v 13 .... It's no doubt a really good map, and was popular in jay1 For removals - kombinat and kombinat Other than the above mentioned I also have 2 maps in mind though I never played them so no idea - Raiders and Berlin
  7. Adlerhorst is a total server killer..... People leave... It's a 40 min big map with nothing to do.... Can we remove it and in place add - Beer run, radar (if possible summer version) and Valhalla te and wolfsdruel
  8. It's been a long time

    F|A clan is one of the bestest thing that happened with me.... Being with you guys feels like family.... I care for this clan and each n every members of it..... That's why I will try my best to keep it alive.... Thanks to all DD, all the leaders and staffs and all the members and admins for working so hard for it.... Also thanks to the ex members for their effort and lastly thanks to our regulars who provide us the full server and for whom we get the drive to work more and more.... Btw those words made my day DD @daredevil
  9. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Totally agree with the list above.... All of the new maps suggested are big maps.... And perfect for jay1, except Ruins23 ..... It killed server activity to some extent

    Well admins here will try their best to do the rest of the work including advertisement..... And it's a sad change..... But I always hope people will join this server only.... On the good hand... The ping issue will be a bit better for euros and other and including me... Let's hope for the best
  11. Donald Here

    Hello and welcome to forums
  12. no one

    Hello and welcome to forums
  13. Hallo an alle

    Didn't understand a thing you said :3 Anyways welcome to forums See u on jay3
  14. sneaking in Phoenix profile! :)))

    1. PhoeniXx


      Dad!! Someone's stalking me xD

  15. Hello all

    Heya mate Welcome to forums See you on jay1