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  1. Duude.. How you beeen??

  2. hey how are u mate ? 

  3. Congratz man well deserved
  4. Merry Christmas and happy holidays F|Amily
  5. For this case don't think the map is the issue if it's happening in multiple different maps tho
  6. Fueldump map can be a reason it lags severely and so might crash It has happened before... But not this regularly
  7. 3rd or 4th time getting tagged into this song xD
  8. Welcome back if you wish to continue your application just bump on your application, "i am back" .... so we can put it back online
  9. 1. If the maps are repeating... We can take out the voting system and make the server follow a definite cycle like in jaymod server... Dont know if its possible or not a better way is keeping a short cycle of 8maps and changing it weekly or once per 2 weeks 2. I agree with rendel on the banner thing... No one reads when they are playing on server and they are not expected to even... And 90% dont even care... So its a drag but you have to do it manually only...
  10. PhoeniXx

    Other PUBG

    If anyone interested we can have a match Ping me up here or discord
  11. These are amazing!! Specially that with the night sky
  12. Many a times... Its too boring to count and keep a track all the time
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