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  1. Your group needs to be set Make a topic here - https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/246-qa-reports-issues/ So that we can set your group..... If you don't have levels in server feel free to ask recruiter+ I would also like to suggest to go through our rules in wiki as you were inactive - Good luck
  2. The next season will be freakin' awesome!! That's all just can't wait
  3. Or probably this is a sign that she will be dead
  4. @lehmwell technically I didn't know about it, so in any case that's not copied And besides there can only be one phoenix
  5. There was another phoenix here before me, sounds interesting o.0
  6. Welcome back ^^ To get your group set and your levels post here - https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/246-qa-reports-issues/
  7. So much chances for Argentina, today and yet no win seriously... And that penalty was really seemed half hearted attempt and was easy save for goal keeper.... 2-3 free kicks missed within range Hope they do better the next game
  8. Seem you a couple of times in jay1 Welcome to forums bud! See u on servers
  9. Finally it's here
  10. Good to see you back! And good wishes for the new things in your life welcome back
  11. Good to see you here mate welcome to forums see you on jay3
  12. Glad to see you here again.... Welcome back to forums and to ET ^^
  13. No Remi it's not regular, we do it on special events.... You will get to know all about these stuffs in here only.... We will post about it here before hand....
  14. Egypt and daybreak please no @DFighter.... Way too big map... For jay3 for now.... We have had such maps in jay3 before... But people left cuz the map was so big and all they had to do was run around 1 more map suggestion - Beer run Rest seems good for now

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