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  1. Big maps - 1. 1944 beach (it used to be on jay3 cycle... I think with the no.s in jay1 we can give it a try) 2. Helmsdeep in place of minas (since it is removed) 3. Stalingrad 4. Flame guards warzone (loved map in jay3... We can give it a go) 5. Bridges final 6. Goldrush GA in place of the original goldrush
  2. Nope it hasnt solved... Sadly I also didnt get the time to fix was on holidays here.... Will get back to the fixes soon
  3. THis is the AIDA stress test... it didnt crashed but was working a bit slower than usual @Snuffs99ran the furmark for 5 :47 mins It didn't crash
  4. It looks beautiful... And you look like u are gonna kill the photographer :3
  5. Happy birthday mate ^^
  6. We are trying for better maps and bigger cycles always... We don't wanna change some smaller maps like supply who are people's favourite..... And we certainly don't wanna drop the activity... So the change might take some time.... Decreasing the slots won't do anything good.....IMO Also, yea the redirect was done for jay3 to increase some activity for the server@HipKat.
  7. Just an update the game is crashing again so the issue isn't resolved I guess I wanna thank everyone for the help... I will see from my side how to fix this shit
  8. PhoeniXx

    ET /Scores

    @D..X and @MikeSlayer on fire lol.... Let's keep the memes rolling xD
  9. Weirdest thing happened, the issue got fixed on its own just when my exams ended :3 Thanks for all the helps and suggestions here
  10. We have 2.... Or maybe we keep both supply depot since its people favorite and remove goldrush
  11. Just a tip dont add big maps just yet... Its not filled so maps like minas won't work atm Dont add minas Good maps are - oasis, 2tanks and wolfsrudel Remove - Daybreak, goldrush and cathedral
  12. Yes I tried the different compatibility didn't work I did a fresh installation of etlegacy and et without copying anything, didn't work The space isn't the problem as I had back up all my personal stuffs in external hdd

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