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  1. Yea after a long time... Some anime film was nominated
  2. I really want one! :3 Personally its hard for me to choose cuz i love each n every one of them I said breakthrough as in.. internationally ... Most people didnt know him before that
  3. That's pretty cool the handwritten copies how did u get the anyway lol :3 Yea there is no comparison to 5cm/s or garden of words But kimi no na wa was a breakthrough... But each n every movie the animation quality and the songs... You just keep playing that all the time
  4. Yea i know, it should be in theaters here around october 11 Planning to watch that also good to see someone with same taste
  5. It's just too hard to pick one, Shönen - Naruto Sci FI - Steins gate Romance - shigatsu was kimi no uso, clannad And each and every film directed by Makoto shinkai - 1. Kimi no na wa 2. Koe no Katachi 3. 5 cm per second 4. Garden of words 5. Kimi no suizou wa tabetai
  6. I am glad you keep a track of these stuffs... It makes me feel special
  7. Dad thanks for the gift! You are the best dad @EVIL BUTTERS
  8. Happy birthday "Scareface" Lots of poking for ya tonight xoxo :3 :3
  9. PhoeniXx


    Good to see you in forums see you on jay1 Happy fragging
  10. It was on Brink of extinction in 2007 with only 1464 tigers approx left in wild... No.s have increased since then to 3000 approx it's still less but it's improving The sad part is there is still news coming where villagers beat leopards and tigers to death... This is bound to happen with such a major population burst! And such little land space... And lack proper education in most of the people Unless the government act on these conditions won't improve more Nevertheless it's not just koalas each and every animal on the planet is on the verge of extinction and that's solely due to humans and not environmental changes
  11. Happy friendship day guys!!!!
  12. Sorry to hear it man!! Hang in there
  13. Better than you whatever it is :3 :3
  14. Both of us should never be on same team :3 :3 opponents mg and mortar will never be safe :3

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