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  1. Rattlem


  2. Go HABS Go !!! am thinking i under estimated the Ducks..
  3. Hello And welcome to Forums.. Enjoy!!!
  4. 16 Montreal 15 chicago 14 NY rangers 13 St louis 12 nashville 11 NY islanders 10 pittsburg 9 vancouver 8 Anahiem 7 winnipeg 6 Tampa Bay 5 Minnesota 4 Ottawa 3 Washington 2 Detroit 1 Calgary
  5. Good job you guys..that was fun.. tho i ended up working most of weekend.. but had sunday to play.. Cheers!!!!
  6. Hi all!!! you can count me in... I will drag {HoH} WildIndian In too..
  7. finally got net at new place.. see you all ingame

  8. Hello.. and welcome to Forums... enjoy!!!
  9. Hello, welcome to forums.. Enjoy!!!
  10. Congrats Man...Nice to see you back.. Cheers!!!!!!
  11. have to say Ole school Moosehead.. which for some reason is not the same today, as it once was... So fav. would be Kokanee cold and in a bottle...

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