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  1. Isn't that forbidden by international law?! Look guys, it's like ordering your whisky with coke and ice. You can probably do it without getting struck by lightning (immediately). Secretly, home alone. And one can't argue about taste and personal preferences... But if you have to commit such a culinary crime, do so with cheap supermarket bourbon like Jack Daniel's (compare "frozen pizza"). Please don't do that to a fine 18 years old Scottish Single Malt (compare "order it in an Italian restaurant"). It's just disrespectful, you know... plus they might string you up on the ne
  2. Closely followed by @Kat0n : (Sorry, I couldn't resist ) Here is another one for the amazing NQ1-crew: While I can deeply relate to these two:
  3. The topic I didn't know I always wanted and needed. Took me like 2 hours to catch up on 2 years of high quality memes. This one is too accurate: So, congratz to your promo @Xiahou Dun, here's to you I guess : Keep 'em coming guys, this is great stuff!
  4. Kowalski

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    What do you guys think of Hydro Dam? https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/95-hydro-dam-hydro_dam_b1pk3/ Haven't seen it on server in ages, always thought it's a fun map with many secret ways, hidings etc... Also - as there is an objective for each side - both teams would be attacking and defending at the same time, which I think would be a refreshing variation to all the other maps on server Suitable for medium and large amounts of players. I personally don't enjoy playing Supply Depot, Special Delivery, Goldrush, Pirates, Braundorf, Beach etc... for t
  5. And how would you do that? I thought setting up a server via the game intern Host Game menu is exactly that: setting up a server on my PC What is the difference or how do you do that?
  6. It's really just once in a while every few months, 5-6 players at most (friends and family), all at my place via my home wifi. I don't think setting up a paid server for that would be worth it. And it usually works great via Host Game, just the maps problem and a few NQ mod settings I miss in standard mod ... So where are they stored or do you switch maps into your etmain if you need / want them, depending on which servers you play? I thought ET can only detect maps when they are in etmain ...
  7. Also via "Single Map Objective" ? Then I wonder even more why my ET somehow prevents me from seeing them all but still loads them, available via command ?! Anyway, thank you all for answering guys!
  8. But isn't "Host Game" exactly that? Setting up a local server in my home network via my PC? About commands and configs: I have no clue about that eventhough I would love to learn more, do you know good ressources to read etc? Would be great to 1. improve my own cfg if I know what to do and 2. set up a config for a local server, maybe even with my fav mod and settings ... Because I don't only test new maps on a local server, I also regularly play little ET sessions with a few local friends and it often enough is annoying to be stuck with standard ET settings... For e
  9. Hey guys, thank you for the answers so far! The "Game Type" selection doesn't seem to be the problem. As stated in my question I chose the "Single Map Objective" mode and not "Campain", "Stopwatch" or any other (@Snuffs99 @FILIPE @DeKing). See Screenshot below: Considering your hints I tried to work around the problem a bit more, this is what I got so far: There are 117 .pk3-maps in my etmain. Not only the classical ones, also F|A's, UJE's, MLB's, etc... (and all fully functional, no tmp files @FILIPE) The list in the "Single Map Objective"
  10. Hey guys I searched the forums but didn't find an answer, sorry if I missed anything. Maybe someone knows a solution for this: Over the years playing on our servers I collected quite a lot of maps in my etmain (far more than 100). When hosting a game (via 'Host Game' -> 'Single Map Objective') in my home network I can see and choose a lot of them (about 55) - but many are not available. Does anyone know why that is or even better how to change it?
  11. I can't date you if you're not into music... because... music was my first love and it will be my last! Actually... I also can't date you if you're into completely wrong "music". Yeah, there is such.
  12. Kowalski

    ET Server Suggestion NQ servers bots behavior change

    Hi! I don't know if that issue was already discussed, if so forgive me, I didn't found a better topic for it: Playing on NQ1, it sometimes happens that you lose a restricted weapon (panzer, but also rifle nade) to a bot and can't choose it again afterwards. This happens when a player leaves the team and a bot joins in and takes the same class and weapon as you. As an engineer you might just lose your main weapon in the middle of the game, leaving you with 2 pistols unable to retake the rifle nade... Is there anything we can do about that? Secondly, is there any way to influe
  13. Most definitely looks better, thank you! I'll do my best to do it some justice! Oh dear... pic or it didn't happen! I hope you find a laundry somewhere though... at least before we cross paths the next time!
  14. Thanks guys! Of course I still have that much too big "F|A Clan Member" shirt ... somewhere in my wardrobe. Not quite as beautiful as the bright yellow "F|A Clan Co-Leader"-shirt that @Platonic got though! ... that was such a strange but great weekend, having you guys visiting me! I never forgot about the great times I had here and on NQ3 during my last years of school! But the very limited spare time I had the last years while studying mostly went into doing some sports and making music, my favourite ways of recreation... Hope to meet you on server!
  15. Hey guys! Some of you might remember me from back when "NQ3" was actually still a thing... For the last 4 years I've been more or less inactive though: I finished school, went abroad for a year and started my bachelor studies afterwards, which take up a huge part of my time... barely any gaming, checking forums maybe once a month at best. For the last 2,5 years ET wasn't even installed at all! Currently I am in my 6th semester and things start to get a bit more relaxed: less regulated hours, more self organized work and projects. Additionally in our current situation right now
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