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    Mainly Music - Music is life! I love LINKIN PARK ... and playing the drums or the piano.
    All kinds of sports, especially football and karate. Playing football with friends as often as possible. I really enjoy watching ice hockey too.
    Besides I love animals. Dogs are just awesome, got a Border Collie by myself, he is great! :)
    Traveling, learning about foreign cultures and meeting new people around the planet - one of the best things to do.
    Reading is there too...

    ...and of course ET and loosing time on forums! ;)
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  1. Already enjoyed reading the first one, but obviously loved this one! Brought some good memories back, thank you for that! It's been an amazing weekend back then, having you guys in my home town. You also made me comment something in here for the first time in ages... (uhh and of course I wanted to try this new fancy forums! ) It's your turn for Hamburg again this year by the way... Looking forward to read the next parts! Until we meet again, my friend
  2. Had a great fun weekend visiting Platonic in Gent! What a beautiful city, just a bit crowded as there was an awesome street festival as well. Also I had a fantastic host, spoiling me with lots of Belgian beer! Thank you my friend, next year it's your turn to visit again! :)

    1. Smileyyy


      The street festivall is called "Gentse Feesten" Gent=Ghent Feesten=Parties :P, and yes indeed Gent is an awesome city so beautiful.

  3. R.I.P. Chester Bennington! :( The world lost an incredible gifted artist, I lost a huge part of my life, Linkin Park forever... <3

  4. Guess who's back?!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sonofdoc
    3. RedBaird


      UHhhh...let me think...

    4. Kowalski


      Thanks Syroox ;)

      ... and for the rest: fly you fools! :D


      Probably still not very active in the next weeks though...

  5. Slowly getting more rain and colder weather here, about time to leave and go on with my 1,5 years of continuous summer... back home in 2 weeks! ;)

    1. RedBaird


      Someone with your avatar should be happy in the cold!

  6. 4 more weeks then I'll be back home, after nearly 8 months and an incredible journey... time flies! Hope you guys are all fine? :)

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    2. RedBaird


      Your avatar makes me mentally picture you as a penguin, waddling slowly across the world. ?? @ my mind!

    3. bo0m


      Welcome back home lagalski

    4. Kowalski


      @Plat I expect you to be at the Hamburg central station with pizza and beer now when I arrive... you already know where it is, so... ;)

      Nah, I will obviously have a Franzbrötchen at first! :D


      @Red Sometimes we slide on our belly as well! :D


      @Boom Thanks, but a bit early... ;)

  7. Nearly 3 months gone since my last status... still doing well, still travelling around this beautiful country! Hope everyone's fine?! :)

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    2. CheepHeep


      Smile and wave boys.

    3. (FORCE)


      That's for the update bro! :>

    4. RedBaird


      "Once in a Life Time trip?" :D

  8. Already travelling for 8 weeks now, New Zealand definitely is the most beautiful end of the world! Hope you're all doing well? :)

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    2. RedBaird


      Uh Oh, Mr. Kowalski is heading from Spring into Fall now. :)

    3. Kowalski


      It's summer here now in the whole country ;)

      Which is quite cool, since I only know christmas in the german winter and not at the beaches... :D

    4. RedBaird


      Ooops! I misread your "time to leave again" to mean that you were going home. :) A "working vacation" like yours sounds very interesting. You get to move on and meet new people and experience new things frequently. The usual meaning of "working vacation" is the Boss calling on your cellphone with work or your having to "take meetings" while in a foreign land. :D

  9. Seems like always when I find a free Wifi you have another level... congratz noob! :D And greetings from middle earth of course. ;)

    1. Mr.Karizmatic
    2. Platonic


      Lol. Guess you won't find many new wifi spots from now on :P

      Nice to hear from you! I want a full report someday!

    3. Kowalski


      You will be the first one to get it... will take a few more months though. ;)

  10. Hello from the other side... ;) Just some short greetings from Auckland as my Hostel has Free WiFi. :D

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    2. RedBaird


      OK, "other side of the world". I thought at first that you had died and were talking to us somehow from "the other side". :)

    3. Raskin


      Ice station Zebra

    4. Syroox


      Enjoy your time mate ;)

  11. And there I go, backpacking in middle earth. There and back again... ;) I wish you guys all the best and see you in some months! :)

    1. Syroox


      Cya mate

      Genieß die Zeit ;)

  12. One more day until my travel starts in Hamburg... excited like children at christmas :D Really can't await it anymore...

  13. Today it is! Meeting in Hamburg in a few hours, curious and excited... :D

    1. Syroox


      Have fun! And i wanna see some pics :P

  14. That's it. End of school... forever. Wow, I think I haven't realized what this means yet... after 13 years.

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    2. Kowalski


      4 comments filled with motivation, thanks guys! :D


      @Plat: will go to NZ first, but maybe next year in September I'll start to study... ;)

    3. Platonic


      NZ... I'm lost, not New Zealand I hope? Or I'll kill you when I get to Hamburg and take your place.

    4. Kowalski


      Then I have to be careful when we meet in August... :o

      Yeah, I plan on 6 months of Work & Travel in NZ since I don't feel like leaving one school after many years just to go to "another one" right after. Want to see some things in the world before I start studying... won't run away anyway and it's the best time to do that now! ;)


      ... but I thought I already told you about that?! :D

  15. Great tournament, we just had no luck yesterday... congratulations to France, now you have to win this! ... and UEFA seriously need to rethink which referee to put in which match...


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