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  1. What can we do with LUA? I can come up with ideas, and you can tell us it is possible or not. Tbh, I'm fine with s1's KR system and I don't play on beg2, but here's a list: 1) Killing bots and dying by bots shouldn't affect KR. So you can't boost your KR. 2) Different weapons should affect the KR different way. It's harder to kill someone with a pistol than an arty. 3) Killing someone who has low hp should affect the KR different way than killing someone who has full hp. 4) Different classes or different teams should have their own KR (or PRW). Someone is better
  2. "fk'd up" for you, because you can't imagine. But I can, because I had similar experience.
  3. So if the good admins are in the minority, then they make bad decisions. And from my experience I would say the good admins are in the minority. Let me use your example. What if you didn't make any mistakes but the leaders message you about it as if you made a mistake? If you close, then you got demoted but if you try to meet their expectations, then you make a mistake.
  4. So I need to ask someone else, that's not a good solution. But what happens when you says I'm right and, for example, other 9 staff members say I'm wrong? If you are right in that situation, then your word is worth more, so you should be above others. If the other 9 admins are right, then no point telling you.
  5. I don't want to name anyone, but at least one of these admins is still in the clan and considered a good admin. I could appreciate it if it worked, but from my perspective it doesn't work at all or at least it's not that effective.
  6. You are right, but you can't change the admins. It's too late. I mean so many of these admins are already high-ranking and they are the ones who decide in so many cases. I personally just ignore it, because I can't do much about it. It happened a couple times and I moved on. The bad thing is that I just tried to help. So I try to talk with good admins if it's possible. What is your advice if someone got the same treatment on the forum? I experienced this with staff members too, and I wasn't even complaining, I was trying to help. I can see that you are trying to help,
  7. Medics' needles used on enemies work like poison needle on silent.
  8. It sounds fun, I wanna mute people too.
  9. That "same in english" sign is made by hungarians. You find another picture here. https://444.hu/2016/04/26/a-budai-var-epitesen-derult-ki-hogy-tobb-dolog-is-ugy-van-angolul-hogy-same-in-english
  10. You may find it funny. Far-right politician stole a rainbow flag and ran away. :D



    1. BrokenHope


      I don't know why but I laughed more than I should have :D

  11. You mentioned most of them, so I just add 2 more names. @sanco @Dominatrix
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