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  1. So happy to see someone else here watched "Intouchables". Hands down the best comedy movie I've seen in ages. As for myself, I finally got around to watching Interstellar. What a great soundtrack ... yet again by Hans Zimmer!
  2. I lovely cycling. It's such an addictive sport to get into. I don't know if it's just us men who love our shiny bits of kit, but the combination of fitness and being able to fix things yourself and upgrade things yourself makes cycling so much more than just a sport. I hope you get into it like I did recently!
  3. Torontoooo but they're killing me
  4. Just came back from work ... right to COD I go.
  5. Just continue to do well at my new job while also juggling school Also, definitely need to eat more regularly and healthier.
  6. A reminder to always pay attention and care about our closest friends RIP Robin
  7. sweeeeeet ... tempted to. Can't wait to see this new look on the retina display!
  8. Cool man! A fellow Canuck I'm actually born in Montreal (Pointe Claire) and my dad was the dentist for the 92-92 Canadiens. However, we're both Leafs fans now ahaha mostly cuz I grew up most of my life in Toronto. Lots of my family's still back in montreal though . See you around buddy!
  9. Watching the moon set along the beautiful Toronto skyline ... while playing COD! wooooot

  10. hey dude!

    1. Dougl@s


      first at all, congratz to begin trial.

      i do really never played with you but i saw your app today.

      i am here to say:

      if you are intersted to have xfire for Mac, it is named "Blackfire"


    2. Samwisegamgee
    3. *ReVeRZe*..!?


      Hey congratz didnt u bring frodo?

  11. lmao, these are golden - definitely made my day ;D
  12. Evidently .. winning the world cup was just not in the cards for Chile lol. Hitting the post during regulation, and then again during the shootout has got to be one of the most unlucky spectacles in all sports!
  13. I wanna watch! What you think is better for this movie ... normal or IMAX 3D?
  14. US vs. Germany ... that's gonna be a great game! I don't like soccer too much, but this game I'll definitely be tuning into =0
  15. Despite all the new designs and fashion gurus Google has consulted, I just don't believe in Google Glass. IMO, I feel it's just another cool idea that is doomed for taking a backseat. I heard that you can't sneak photos of people without looking really obvious doing it cuz you have to tilt your head and what not ... but not everyone knows that. When the average person sees a person with Google Glass on, they'll always feel awkward talking to them face-to-face. I think.

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