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  1. Special 3,000th Post

    Congratulations on your 3000th post! and I love Grumpy Cat too
  2. Happy day

    Congratulations sir may you be blessed with many more
  3. What being =F|A= means to me ????????

    I too love this community
  4. Missing, dead woman lived near me and ...

    I'm sorry to hear this I pray for the family and friends
  5. Unknown guy throws 100mph fastballs.....

    Now that is an amazing feat.
  6. Sitting in class

    Oh lord what's going on here? 0.o
  7. Norman Corn's Puerto Rico Trip

    Hope you had a fun and safe trip
  8. My xfire is the same as my user name here, darkwing875.
  9. What's your study/work?

    I am currently attending the Illinois Institute of Art-Tinley park, and I am studying for my Associates in Graphic Design. I would like one day when I have the money to go back and get my Bachelor's degree. I hope to one day work at a large advertising company or gaming company in Chicago.
  10. A rocky butt

    So very true. I'm sorry I was confused because the booty had me like
  11. Happy Birthday, EVILBUTTERS!

    I now know it was your birthday and i would like to say to you sir Happy Birthday and may you have many more.
  12. A rocky butt

    Draw me like one of your French girls
  13. Wolfybear is going 4 Spinal Surgery

    Glad to hear it
  14. Which Doctor?

    lol yeah and he was being a huge douche when they did the 50th anniversary special
  15. Which Doctor?

    lol yeah Jon Pertwee for me is my 4th. but doctor #9 you know the irreverent one Eccleston he is at the bottom.