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  1. Thanks to all the people who bothered to come into TS. I think that was my downfall. You learn more about the clan in TS than you do in the servers because lots more gets said in TS than is ever typed in game for fear of it getting back to the upper echelon. I'm not cut out for this. Please remove my application and trial status. This was a big mistake and I should have known better. I didn't want the drama of clan life, I just wanted to play. I didn't want to be an admin. I just wanted to play. Thanks anyway. Good luck with FA. Malarkey
  2. Ghost, You made me fall off my unicorn. You better not leave. I was just beginning to make you uncomfortable.
  3. By the way, I love your avatar. Spycid, I don't ever want you to be shy or ashamed to speak in TS ever around me. I sound like a cowgirl who has had too much coffee while trapped inside a helium factory. Please don't be afraid to talk around me (or anyone else). Your english is good enough and if it isn't we will help you. Don't be embarrassed. We're =F|A=mily!
  4. Yes I'm nice! I don't bite unless you ask me nicely. If you don't ask me nicely I sink my teeth a little deeper...
  5. I have been re-reading some of Mark Twain's short stories. One of my favorites is "The Damned Human Race."
  6. I was trying to figure out the fastest way to get to know people, especially if I don't end up gaming with them. Tell me about you... Are you a parent? Are you a student? Employee? Retired? Military experience? (My Dad's a Veteran, I salute you all!) What game are you most likely playing ? How old are you? Do you use TS? Would you be willing to talk to me on TS? Interests, things you want me to know. Things you don't want me to know... Alright...let 'er rip *gets popcorn*
  7. Shots: Maestro Tequila Sippy drinks: Blue Hawaiian or Baileys on the rocks.
  8. Smoke, I had a great time talking to you over the weekend. I appreciate your sincerity and your willingness to get on TS with me. Hugs to you and I look forward to meeting you and your wife when you're down "this way." Hugs.
  9. Got my mind on my CoD4 and my CoD4 on my mind...

  10. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Look at Little Sister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJtebNniLxk
  11. Thank you! Either it was very well hidden or I hadn't "unlocked it." Thanks so much!!!
  12. Or is this something you earn as you rank up your number of posts... I'm so lost. Any help is so welcome and appreciated. Thank you!
  13. You do know I'm working on this right?

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