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  1. Happy Birthday CheepHeep!

    Heep Heep Hurra ! Happy Bday mate !
  2. Make Trump great again

  3. Make Trump great again

    Just a precision: I forgot to mention in introduction of this thread that it is purely comical, no politcs there !
  4. Kenya flaw

    An impressive flaw appeared in Kenya, going on several miles
  5. Cats Vs Cucumbers

  6. 5 best live

    Not even counting this one ofc... (but this one concert I couldn't attend, tbh)
  7. 5 best live

    There's a little band, not much known, that I just loved in concert everytime, and especially this one bullet
  8. .KeLFOuTO!r.

  9. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    I think exactly the same. It appears even more different on mobile.
  10. A bit lost with the new forum

    1. Smultronstallet


      Me too...!!!

    2. yoyo


      same here, i'm slow learner lol

    3. Vindstot


      me too. have to get used to this one

  11. 90 yo and happy to be

  12. Rough times in real world

    Very sad to read what s happening to u mate. Keep UP your determination in winning this fight and frag/ kickass this disease
  13. Big Day for Audie !

    Nice ! Did you get a special bonification ? In France we obtain more holidays (generally +1 day for 5 years, +2 for 15, +3 for 20) and a compensation. (also depends on the branch or company agreements)
  14. Seens veridical to me.

    major UFO-LEAKS ! CIA Leaks very probably