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  1. COD4 chrash

    hi again Aspyr gave up on me, could not figure out why my game chrashes! So thats that... TTFr
  2. COD4 chrash

    Thanx. Checking it!
  3. COD4 chrash

    Hi When i am playing, it just pops, and I get my desktop. This is very annoying! I am playing on a MacBook Pro, a couple of years old one with ssd, so it should be good enough I have been playing on it for the last three years. Thanx
  4. COD4 chrash

    COD4 + macOS High Sierra doesnt mix good... Chrashes after 10 minutes Anyone have a quickfix? Without buying a new computer:-)
  5. English Premier League 2017-18

    Good luck! Superbia in proelia
  6. Happy Birthday to daredevil

    Happy birthday!!!
  7. Champions league 2016/2017

    MAN CITY ftw!
  8. English Premier League 2016-17

    I agree with you dutch It is going to be an exciting season
  9. English Premier League 2016-17

    I am in! Good luck
  10. Star Wars-day!!!

    Happy Star Wars-day everybody!!!

    I read in the forum something Lady *Raewyn* wrote, a quick way to make demos: "A helpful tip for recording demos! Use binds. So if something happens and you want a really fast demo, you only need to press two buttons. ^.^ I often use most keys centered around L. Examples... Open console and type: /bind O record /bind P stoprecord And voila! You now have instant start and stop buttons for recording! :)" TTFr
  12. Champions league

    Finally, Manchester City is in semi-finals in Champions League! Yes yes yes!!! Pride in battle!
  13. 2015, man what a funky year..

    Reading your blog again, made me happy. I am glad you feel better, and that you decided to write something here again to let us know how you are doing these days. You have been missed. Earlier I called 2014 for Annus Horriblis, but I was wrong, so wrong! 2015 was even worse! So I think we can agree on that 2015 is behind us, and that we make 2016 a much better year for all of us. Wishing you all the best! And it´s good to have you back!

    Merry x-mas man!!!
  15. Climbing

    Thanx for sparing that Petzlvideo Lars. It was great!