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  1. hi!!!

    Bonjourno as brad pitt was say!
  2. I dont know who I am???

    ellooo ben
  3. GTAV getting a new first-person mode on Xbox One, PS4, PC

    ive seen some side by side differences between the ps3 and ps4 on GTA 5. Whether its real or not, that i don't know however i believe it is! And for the first person, maaan that would be awesome! its going to feel like a totally new game and i reckon it'll be worth the wait!
  4. Show us your knives

    i bought a sexy flick knife from Argentina for a small percentage of what you would pay in the US or UK, but customs took it from me :'( sad times, dat ting was SHARP!
  5. Hallo!

    easy now sir! welcome!
  6. ps 3 Best PS3 Games

    FIFA 14 Gran Turismo 6 GTA 5
  7. some great shots there man! what macro lense is that?
  8. Musicians- Post your playing here

    Some people might debate that decks are an instrument, but if you can make sound and manipulate the sound, in my eyes it's deemed an instrument , here i am with my buddy
  9. off on holiday, cya guys in 4 weeks!

    I'm going to Pula to DJ at 2 festivals which are held in a old abandoned fort, expenses paid <--- can't go wrong!
  10. off on holiday, cya guys in 4 weeks!

    thanks german! im taking my proper dslr with me so heopfully ill get some good shots
  11. off on holiday, cya guys in 4 weeks!

    Hey guys, just want to let you know that i'm going to be away in Croatia for 4 weeks (leaving thursday) and will be completely in-active, that is also for the forums unless i do have some internet access, i will pop on quickly and say hello ! Much love, DingDong aka Door Bell *kisses* and *hugs*, no homo!
  12. Hey folks!

    bonjournoo and welcome!
  13. Tattoos

    only got a little one, but plan for more soon
  14. Hey guys, im sure there's many car enthusiasts around here and would be cool to see what everyone has got! I'll start Here's my MK1 Golf
  15. Best storyline in a video game?

    i like turtles