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  1. HI mate, just saw your application.
    I will contribute to it, I just wait for a few more feedbacks before contributing.

    I saw that you are a NC admin, it's funny cause it was my first clan some years ago 😎



      lol me too that server was my first clan too, thankx brow, greetings

  2. Real Life! Hi guys My name is Christian My nickname: Chris-SS Age: 36 What country are you from?: Mexico City capitol xD Are you a Parent?: naa I´m not from the idea of reproduce me lol How many siblings do you have?: 1 What's your shoe size?: 7.5 here 29.5 USA What do you do for a living?: Fix Pc´s, celphones, sales of many artichles Greatest Fear?: Myself, Fear of committing special nonsense Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Stay with the girl of my dreams, many years ago Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) Talking nonsense when I was drunk with a girl First thing you look for in a new friend?: I always make new friends, im so social, I like for honest and tolerant people arthest you've been from home?: Aguascalientes, México What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: I was testing several servers and I came to FA. Servers are fun, full of noobs xD Cat or Dog?: Dog What are your hobbies?: Play guitar, read, play ET What kind of Sports do you like?: Gym What's your favorite color?: Blue sky How about your favorite type of music?: Rock, electronic trance, ballads Favorite Song?: Confortably numb - Pink Floyd What's your favorite TV show?: X-Files What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Action, horror, thriller Favorite Movie?: Jason Bourne Favorite Book?: Conversations with god - Neale Donald Walsch What do you like most about yourself?: My intelligence What do you hate most about yourself?: My pride What makes you very happy?: Talk with friends and enjoy the life with my people What makes you very sad?: Remember my dead loved ones What's your favorite beverage?: Whisky, beer, natural fruit water What you're favorite food/snack?: Watermelon Favorite actor/Actress?: David Duchovny Favorite season? Why?: Always is my favourite season, day by day Favorite subject in school?: Molecular biology, mathematics Favorite thing to learn about?: Spiritual Growing If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Europe and some parts of Asia and Africa lol, I want to travel too much (Sorry for bad english)

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