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  1. I still have the decision to add the two weapon modes in Jay 2, it would be a hoot and maybe the server will enter more
  2. Happy new year family, I wish you the best, luck
  3. Xp removed for the third time in Jay 2
  4. Thanks, the problem could be solved.
  5. Thanks , I installed it but the data was deleted
  6. Yes , And likewise I can not
  7. Hello, I have a problem with enemy territory, I turned on my pc and the game was not trying to install it. I downloaded everything, I ran the installer as administrator and I can not get the following "Extract: error writing to file pak0.pk3 HELP ME!!!
  8. What happened to baserace? Why they decided to remove it from rotation
  9. I came back and better than ever

    1. RedBaird


      Do you have a shiny new paint job?

  10. in a few days i'm going to have internet at home!!!

    1. RedBaird
    2. Eazy


      Internet is life <3

  11. E has been trying to help, to which he is referring that he has downloaded a configuration for ET from the forums and does not know how to install

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