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  1. *Baleon*

    Me :)

  2. *Baleon*

    Trackbase rating

    Thank you all for help
  3. *Baleon*

    Trackbase rating

    Shh don't tell anyone xD
  4. *Baleon*

    Trackbase rating

    Hello people,I have question.. So i'm going to be inactive for about 2 weeks,so I want to "lock" my rate on TB,so my rate dosen't falls down,does anybody know how to stop rate from falling? I just want for my rate to be samenfor two weeks as it is now.. Please help..
  5. no time for ET :(

    1. Raskin



    2. bo0m


      Finish your school first m8 you will have plenty of time on summer

    3. *Baleon*
  6. Hello and welcome to forums
  7. *Baleon*

    Cheating cat

    HAHAHAHAHA nice xD :D
  8. Conq is out,so i'm coming to play :D

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    2. *Baleon*


      lol i need like more than 2 weeks to get 20k xp :P

    3. bo0m


      It would me much less if that nublet of your brother would let you play more haha kick him in the ass from me

    4. *Baleon*
  9. Hello and welcome to forums

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