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  1. Kaliente

    Dirty Bomb Totalbiscuit's Dirty Bomb review.

    Got access to the Alpha & Beta. I just can't commit to this game until their is a community behind it like ET. Let's be honest you can replicate ET gameplay but it never feels the same as actual ET. At least my impressions. I loved the "this generation" updates graphically and FOV/Movement, but Dirty Bomb just felt like a shell. I didn't watch all 50+ minutes of the review a good portion of it though, he gives it a fair judgment. Honestly the comical nature of ET and community is what make the game good, for some reason maybe a nostalgia prejudice or just lack of appeal to newer-gen games I don't think it's gonna work. I hope I'm wrong though. I hope Dirty Bomb gets ET community and excels what we have now, but sadly I don't think that's possible. Thanks for the link to an actually decent review though.
  2. Kaliente

    How to fix Mac desktop icons

    So correct me if I'm wrong, if I have associated a picture to be thumbnail for a certain file on my mac but for some reason wasn't displaying correctly this will fix it? That is awesome if so, because I've been having this problem. I'm gonna try it out and let you know.
  3. Been super sick! Lost my voice for the first time ever. On a positive note, I sounded like Cher without my voice.

    1. FireWienie


      Same here! I get a coughing fit, and 10 seconds later it comes back :c


      My voice is croaky atm. The only benefit of being sick is the fact I sneezed on my younger brother and it was totally hilarious :D

  4. Been incredibly busy, apologies on less server time! I miss everyone!

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    2. FireFist
    3. Cinnaben


      Same here bud hope to see you in game soon! Miss the trio of us (Me, Turtle and You)

    4. RedHawk JR.

      RedHawk JR.

      hope to see you round too...even though you didnt warn nobody. lol

  5. Kaliente

    Happy birthday to our staff member: Corey

    Happy B-Day
  6. Kaliente

    Super Mario 64 120 stars in 1:48:57|SGDQ 2014

    I can't believe I just watched that whole thing. I was mesmerized.
  7. Kaliente

    Happy Birthday: ChunkDEUCE

    Thank you guys so much! After getting held back late at work on my birthday this made me happy to see!
  8. I like to keep things classy. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v235/cjdawdj/snowhite_zpsfe9c2853.jpg On second thought better just link it.
  9. Kaliente

    Folk Music

    I might be one of the few interested in this, and I think it has a lot to do with that my music choice could be defined as "hipster" but in my opinion I just like good music. This performance is probably one of the best things I've seen in years upon years, the guy is an absolute average-good guitar player but what puts him above and beyond is he is an amazing song-writer/singer. But really I how I found him is _Another Day / Another Time: Celebrating the Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis"_ if you haven't seen that documentary/concert special I highly highly highly recommend it. Personally I've been fortunate with my short time in this world I've got to see lots of great artists in person because of my father being a general manager of multiple radio stations. I've seen a litany of artists, that you couldn't care less about after I see all the great artists you more fortunate people have seen. But this forum post is to enlighten my own musical knowledge, I've recently rediscovered my love of folk music. If you could post more a only 23 year old wouldn't know. I would be so appreciative, I know we have some more experienced members here that I would love input from.
  10. Kaliente

    Microsoft now owns Minecraft

    I don't understand how they can see 2.5billion as a profitable acquisition, that's a ludicrous amount of money for a game that has seen it's foreseeable time in the sun, and the likelihood that they as a gaming studio will strike minecraft gold again? Astronomical. Mind-numbing. Whatever.
  11. Kaliente

    ET for macbook pro 10.9.4 osx

    Since apparently no one else is going to post a way to play, I will. Currently play a Macbook Pro running Mavericks. Annoying as shit that they got rid of PowerPC app compatibility but who cares you probably don't even know wtf I'm talking bout. Anyways two solutions, I will tell you both and give you links. 1. Bootcamp your Mac OSX computer and partition a Windows OS on your HD -Pretty much exactly what I said, lrn2google. You will need a copy of whatever version you want of windows and a little bit of above basic computer knowledge. 2. Run ETLegacy -Probably easiest solution: http://etlegacy.com/ I will assume you can ready install instructions on their website, I know I + DingDongWang can confirm it works on Mac OSX PS. My suggestion is bootcamp, frankly having the ability to switch back and forth between OS' makes me very happy, I can run literally any program this way. Also Windows OS is pretty awesome.
  12. All I have to say is, "heists coming soon." Still waiting... F**k me once Rockstar--fine, f**k me twice with no standalone DLC a year later--whatever, try to f*** me thrice with an updated "nex-gen," version of the same game I already played--No.
  13. 4 inch spider blocking garage doorway in to house. Welp f*ck. I'm staying outside.

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    2. Kaliente


      More scared of us than we are of them. I'd put that one to the test and fail.

    3. FireFist


      They r more scared, thats why they bite :)

    4. FireWienie


      Story of my life

  14. Kaliente

    Controler or keyboard?

    Haha, don't get confused I might be the only dumb noob who uses a controller. I don't agree with statements that one is better than the other in generalizations, because the best Halo 2/Halo 3 player would absolutely put a highly accurate PC gamer to shame on said game. While ET was created for PC(and PC players will dominate), and has been a keyboard and mouse game since day one, that doesn't mean you can't use a controller and be good to okay. A LOT OF PEOPLE joke about using a controller on ET, I think maybe less than 2% use a controller. I do because at first it was the best way to do it with the laptop--without a plug-in mouse. Some people still don't believe me when I say to them that I do, but that's because they suck and I'm terrible. (Marginally better ) But I use a controller and I am better than 50% of people. Now huge drawbacks are, aiming at long range is almost impossible. Sometimes switching to correct gun/function isn't exactly great. BUT there are great positives too, I can jump and aim better than PC players, I can aim better at CQB, but I can't vsay as well =/ I have one of the highest accuracies on J2 server's generally/headshots. TL;DR Controller is good if you are born and bred and willing to accept downfalls, but keyboard mouse is a equal if not always dominant better configuration. PS This is only fair if the one ET controller player get's a say.