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  1. WarPeD

    Top 50 Guitarists

    Frank Marino Eddie Van Halen Ted Nugent Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Carlos Santana Richie Blackmore
  2. yay its CHRISTMAS!!! have a good 1 all
  3. WarPeD

    Best Drummers ever?!

    street drummers eh amazing hand speed and stick tricks
  4. WarPeD

    Best Drummers ever?!

    hmmm interesting - i think
  5. WarPeD

    Getting a car!

    Get a mini cooper just bought 1 and they r so much fun but srysly the micra seems the best for u in my opinion because of the condition and km is low and it will be cheap to run. the rest seems high on kms
  6. WarPeD

    Best Drummers ever?!

    yep good drummers indeed , Buddy Rich is King, Neil peart brought something new to drumming but........... Could they play like this at 10 yrs old....watch in awe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnAXCo4 winner of the prestige drum award aged 9 - the youngest ever
  7. Hey chock, you made it, welcome
  8. ok, done all of the above, restarted and guess wot, ET WORKS with steady frame rates again, great stuff ty

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