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  1. Here's a fresh one, driving around to my service calls earlier.
  2. So I don't have a numpad which makes viewing my replays a nightmare, and you might as well forget easily making an avi. I am almost certain I have seen a 3rd party app before. Can my =F|A= bro's and sisters help me out?
  3. Pretty sure this is a skit. lol
  4. Hey Soda, Thanks for the gg's on jay1 and then jay2. Glad you like it here and we are happy to have such an awesome teammate join us. Hope to see you again soon. If you need anything at all you know not to hesitate to ask me.
  5. always here to rub it in.
  6. the knife one was hilarious.
  7. I feel like a few people did me that way when I came back until captn and letdown realized it was me.
  8. But since you have not used a mechanical keyboard with good switches and a mouse with a 1000mhz polling rate you have nothing to compare to lol.
  9. It definitely matters. It isn't the brand name its the parts it uses. I wouldn't go with that keyboard because it doesnt have independent keys/switches. Meaning some keys internally use the same circuit meaning you cant press certain multiple keys together without issues. Also you have to think of latency and polling rate of the mouse(this is different than DPI). DPI is also important as the higher the DPI the better laser that is required to achieve that. Since it is laser a good mouse pad is also important (as in a good surface and material). All these good components I was able to find around $60 total. The best thing to do is read the Amazon reviews and questions.
  10. That's a beast. Makes me feel like a chump over here with my redragon knockoff Amazon special. . $30 but does the job.
  11. RockET


    Just wondering if you ever been in {AR} acid rain or PX or elitekillas?
  12. Thank you. I guess I was being too active
  13. What's the limit of reactions?
  14. RockET


    What clans have you been in? And your dad?
  15. RockET


    Can't react anymore
  16. It's probably too much at 1080p for that card lol.
  17. RockET


    You can with vpn
  18. RockET

    Sorry BuckWild :(

    Just me in my natural habitat
  19. RockET

    Sorry BuckWild :(

    To give some context, I'm an amateur photographer and was with my photographer friend adventuring in Tampa. Was holding her bag and thought this was funny so I let her take a pic
  20. RockET

    Sorry BuckWild :(

    Me, obviously.
  21. RockET


    Captn had issues with an older card. Fixed with r_primitives 0

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