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  1. I'm ALIVE. Been busy, Just living life. Didn't forget about you. I barely turn on my PC right now.

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    2. Gameplan


      You are missed, but GO, live life...we'll be here. 

    3. captnconcrete


      i hope everything is workin  out for u .. 


      i miss u buddy .

    4. THE BEAST


      Been awhile man. I'm back fragging had to quit for awile because you kept killing me an wasn't worth playing 😂😂😂😂 just kidding life throws curve balls sometimes. Hope to see you soon 

  2. RockET


    Not only all of this. Why play with VPN? It adds unnecessary hops and packet loss to your connection. Your hits will be off and you won't play nearly as good. There is NO BENEFIT in playing with a VPN on any online game, other than malicious reasons.
  3. RockET

    SUBGOD !

    See you all the time on jay2. My name is also Ryan. Thank you for your service man!. See you in game
  4. I agree with this completely!
  5. I'm alive. Just enjoying the weather, spending time with my kids, making a podcast, and staying busy. I will still be playing when I can!

    1. AnG3L
    2. Mad Doc

      Mad Doc

      Same here! 😂 

    3. captnconcrete


      the kidos come first bro..


      it snowed rained hailed thunderstormed rain some more and then snowed again here wtf  .. enjoy that lovely weather ..



  6. you might want to try Jay2 the one under the Recruiting server on the list. Jaymod is usually more full but jay2 usually never gets more that 10 vs 10. If I am on I will be free to help if you need anything!
  7. All of players are returning after not finding the fulfillment ET brings. Myself included. I just returned 5 months ago. Good to see you back!
  8. I figured it was just too difficult to code so I never brought it up. Max is changed at spawn but game has max limits. You probably couldn't change limits without changing the new max to the spawned max amount.
  9. I have had several people ask me about commands that fix lag(or perceived lag) and have found the number one fix for most. I know there is a scroll message for Lag issues set r_picmip 2, can we also add one for: set /r_primitives 2 if you experience bad frame rate. thank you.
  10. Yes it's in the same folder. No I didn't run as admin. That's the error message I got about not allowed to join server or error code 4. It's usually a random number. I'll try again.
  11. Promote @HipKat so he can help with the etpro server. I'd be glad to join for a few rounds. Even though I'll miss my double jump
  12. Just tried this. Won't work with silent demos and gives an error if I change mods.
  13. It won't be because you need more than 6v6. We don't always see more than that.
  14. I thought so, I just couldn't find it. Feel like there was another app. Seen it mentioned somewhere in another post but can't find it now.
  15. Here's a fresh one, driving around to my service calls earlier.
  16. So I don't have a numpad which makes viewing my replays a nightmare, and you might as well forget easily making an avi. I am almost certain I have seen a 3rd party app before. Can my =F|A= bro's and sisters help me out?
  17. Pretty sure this is a skit. lol
  18. Hey Soda, Thanks for the gg's on jay1 and then jay2. Glad you like it here and we are happy to have such an awesome teammate join us. Hope to see you again soon. If you need anything at all you know not to hesitate to ask me.
  19. always here to rub it in.

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