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  1. easyest

    What is your dream car?

    well i don't need a super car , maybe this will surprice u all ,but my dream car is Peugeot 206 (with tunning from myself) maybe it will looks something like this from inside https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2674/3999030744_88c23a4dbb.jpg http://www.theonecar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/peugeot-206-139.jpg
  2. easyest

    Why men die before women

    Well, men do some thinks ,like go in the war,try crazy thinks,stupid thinks,sometimes abnormal thinks! www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHxI4P7399E&spfreload=10%20Message%3A%20Unexpected%20end%20of%20input%20(url%3A%20http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DoHxI4P7399E) but girls are more for fashion! soory no video.....I'm boy
  3. HI,and thank's for reading this! Well,where to start,maybe at 10 yrs .I was in childrenhouse from 10 to 19 (it was fun) then i go out and started the real life with some money,i go to my bro and he's family for start...+hard work in beerhouse (Heineken) ,then after 4-5 years later there i was asked to try fork lift car,i said yeah cool it looks fun and i wanna try it ,so i did ,and now im the 1 of the best fork lift car driver in Continental where we are working with radios ,navigation systems!(there we now drive on Gas machines 3T,retracks,pendolinos etc....so enough fun every day! ) So now i working in Chech Republic,i speak english,slovak,chech,hungarian lil bit polish I live with my lady with who im together nearly 10 years....SHe exited me in high shool xD I love dogs (have one english kokker ) already I love girls,its normal when they like u too(I'm blond haired,blue-green eyes,classic guy....) ............................................... NOW MY WRONG SIDE ............................................... beer forever ,daily 4-6 smoking weed is also fun trying funny thinks like this!!!! its me on yt! ENJOY in this video is all what i love! @Judit (my lady) @fiends(recording) @beer @cigarettes @weed Ps;if u have any questions ,PM EasY
  4. easyest

    Bye everyone

    indeed,stay with Us,I'm also busy in real life......work,my lady,family,friends,pets ....But I love when I come to server and they welcome me ! real friends/internet ,and another good reason ! Sometimes when we have problems in real life , and can't find the way , u can ask about Us! If U still would like to leave F|A ,then i wish U the best mate!
  5. easyest

    What song are you listening to right now? - Part 2

  6. easyest

    et server suggestion one bulett shot

    ye its 1 hit 1 kill,this mode i played on twc clan Mixed mod server where with colt 1 bullet u kill ,and its so funny,if u give a nice bang think like twc panza server had or have still, when u shoot the player ,it gives a hit sound ,which is funny too,add some non objective maps ,like a free world game xD its cool ,i will be happy
  7. If u guys remember wolfesntein rtcw ,there was lots of online servers ,where they run 1 bulett shot mod,i personally loved it,can we have it in et?
  8. today free day at work! lets get some beer and weed and play et

  9. easyest

    Hello from NormanD!

    Welcome and gl!
  10. my notebook is off forever......need new one

  11. my notebook is off forever......need new one :(

  12. my notebook is off forever......need new one :(

  13. easyest

    Believe in UFO'S?

    Just few minutes my Main Notebook (where im in my account everywhere....had a crash.....the NB keep running ,but the monitor shot down! 3 times restart....(i removed from all cable ...internet.etc....)now is still off...i will see tomorrow ,But thr best think in it is that , after that i turn on my gf's notebook,which is half year old ,and that's turned off too.....
  14. easyest

    What I saw on my way to get breakfast this morning :D

    agree or u just joined to Wrong Turn 6 But I hate when humans kill animals!!! and when animals kill human they take em down for it ,coz they are dangerous....omg