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  1. I just watched new Expendables and must say that It keeps getting better and better everytime ! Just my opinion so no hating !
  2. I like christmas because, then you can eat good food and have fun with your family and presents I got new phone samsung galaxy s5 !
  3. Hello Simon and welcome to forums !
  4. Hello Mirqli Nice to see more finnish people here ! Welcome and have fun !
  5. I saw Dracula in movie theather and must say that it was much better that I expected ! You must see it
  6. Hello nice to meet you and welcome to forums :=) !
  7. I'm glad to say that I'm part of F|A ! Happy b-day F|Amily :)

  8. Guys come stopwatch 2 etpro server now !

  9. I like my coffee black but sometimes with little bit cream or milk !
  10. Nice to hear that you like our servers Welcome and have fun !
  11. That's why i needed to buy new Computer last time :/ I hit reset little bit too hard