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  1. guys iam having problem with this pk3 file.....i runned the pk3 cleaner ..yup it created me more problems , saying 2 to 3 pk3 files missing also re-installed ET ...still have the problem , i cant enter the jay mod servers . HeLp Me pLzZ
  2. HelLo0Oo Elohin !!!!!!! WelCoMe To tHe foRumS anD pLs plS enJoy y0ur stay .
  3. HelLo0Oo Elohin !!!!!!! WelCoMe To tHe foRumS anD pLs plS enJoy y0ur stay .
  4. And guys thanks for all your hot welcomes....
  5. Wow yoyo more than 48 hours and still not heated ... Well this shows the difference between chennai and Delhi lol ......ok i dont have any idea about "ISP"...... well if it refers to internet speed... Then my ISP is upto 3mbps...
  6. This intro is good ........ I think u have ended this topic with your thank , but i still wanted to welcome you ..so WELCOME TO THE FORUMS AND ENJOY YOUR STAY
  7. Hi gingerbread ... Welcome back to the forums and please can i have a bite of u ....
  8. Hi .... I was the first to see your introduction lol.. However .... Nice to see you once again... Welcome to the FORUMS and enjoy ur stay
  9. as you are new to forums ... you have to start a topic on your introduction as same as like me... so look for it and yes you can enjoy FA ... there is no need of asking it.... it is always a pleasure for us to see members enjoying server FA ,,,,,, I hav seen u in recruiting ... nice to see u in the forums
  10. lol , hi setback ,, i think u r new to forums ... first of all .. forums and all the members welcomes u... enjoy ur stay...
  11. lol yoyo..... i hav got a good pc but not network.... my net is worser than anyone ... whenever i got to download maps or something in ET ,, my net speed will usually be 2 to 4kb/s........ whenever i get this type of speed in ET ,, I wil go & check my wifi ( D-link ) , every time i noticed that my wifi was terrible hot .... so i will keep my wifi in freezer for 5 mins or sometimes i used to keep cold milk packet on the wifi ... this is slightly stupid ... but this what i used to do ... lol
  12. Hi everyone...I'm new to the forums I've been playing ET since last year...after a long break (1 year) I used to play as Brantley..and many other names

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