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  1. Still can't find out why i can't connect to most of F|A servers. I bought Insurgency and i can't connect even to F|A servers there.

  2. Started to play csgo at beginning of january Got nova4 after 10 games o_o
  3. Can't connect to NQ1... is that due to russian government doing some serious shit right now? haha... well thats sad actually.

    Do F|A bans all free proxies as i remember?

    1. Nancy


      yea, putin close internet in russia. :(

  4. I think i had to say about this earlier, but i decided to take a break from ET.

    I decided to take a break because:
    1) I enjoy this game much less than before simply because i played it without breaks for years.

    2) Due to university i have much less time for playing and also due to me getting new friends in university i often play other shoting games with them.

    1. RedBaird


      University & new friends is a good reason.  Come & visit us from time to time, at least to keep you in the ET Member group and so that you don't fall into the dreaded "inactive member" group.  :) (At least some on the weekends).


      RL will get us all, in the end.  :salute:


  5. Idk how to say it in english, but now i have allowed to do exams that starts at 15 of january :>

    1. Nancy


      главное пережить день Икс - новый год и рождество!

    2. White Raven

      White Raven

      Желаю тебе удачи!

  6. Totally forgot about gameday... well im little tired of studing...

    1. CheepHeep


      Yeah being a stud is hard :D

    2. Platonic


      Won't be very long until the next one :D

    3. Nancy


      Huraaa!! УРАА

  7. I didn't think studying will be so hard x_x

    1. (FORCE)


      Studying not easy but worth it! :}

    2. m00jii


      It is hard, but you are building a future for yourself. As (FORCE) said, it's worth it.

    3. Helios


      Thank u for cheering me guys (if googletranslate didnt say to me shit about word cheering xd), im going to end university :>

      Btw i think ill be able to play ET only on weekends, because im usualy im too tired at other part of week o_o

  8. Thanks guys, i am happy i was congratulated (i hope auto translater chosed right word o.o) by this great community
  9. Since i installed steam i have also installed DB. And this game is nice in my opinion, i have already reached lvl 7 and opened 2 mercs C: We can play together but my skill still suck in this game o_o
  10. Wasnt accepted into university (at least in first wave, i have chance at second wave). But i found i have flatfoot in one of its worst forms: longitudinal 3rd degree, transversial 2nd degree (1 - mild form, 3 - worst form), so im not going to army for sure.

    1. Helios


      For describing flatfoot was used russian medicine system.

    2. Kevlar


      I didn't get accepted into any of the schools I applied to. I took a year off and worked which was the right thing for me. When I reapplied I got into with no problem. I should also say I've never worked a day in a job that was related to my major- LoL Hang in there.

  11. I just suggested other way to get able to upgrade your computer's RAM at little less cost (just adding 2x4, not buying 2x8 to replace old 2x4) Well, i didn't readed topic properly and didn't saw topic starter already chosed MB with 4 RAM slots
  12. So u are going for 2x4gb RAM? I would suggest to think about motherboard with 4 slots for RAM so u can freely upgrade ur computer if future games will be too demanding on RAM o_o
  13. No, my mouse haven't drivers o_o (because it's cheap chinese mouse ) Just tried to play in fullscreen mode 1024x768. Didn't noticed something wrong, so i think it doesn't matter o_o (or matter but not much) EDIT: Just tried to change res in calculator, with changing res was changing only Actual VFOV/HFOV, so...
  14. Couple weeks ago i got new mouse with dpi chaging 800-1200-1600-2400, now i'm using 1600 o_o Im not sure these settings really fit to me because im using windowed mode 800x600.
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