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  1. I think i had to say about this earlier, but i decided to take a break from ET.

    I decided to take a break because:
    1) I enjoy this game much less than before simply because i played it without breaks for years.

    2) Due to university i have much less time for playing and also due to me getting new friends in university i often play other shoting games with them.

    1. RedBaird


      University & new friends is a good reason.  Come & visit us from time to time, at least to keep you in the ET Member group and so that you don't fall into the dreaded "inactive member" group.  :) (At least some on the weekends).


      RL will get us all, in the end.  :salute:


  2. Idk how to say it in english, but now i have allowed to do exams that starts at 15 of january :>

    1. Patrick


      главное пережить день Икс - новый год и рождество!

    2. White Raven

      White Raven

      Желаю тебе удачи!

  3. Totally forgot about gameday... well im little tired of studing...

    1. CheepHeep


      Yeah being a stud is hard :D

    2. Platonic


      Won't be very long until the next one :D

    3. Patrick


      Huraaa!! УРАА

  4. I didn't think studying will be so hard x_x

    1. (FORCE)


      Studying not easy but worth it! :}

    2. m00jii


      It is hard, but you are building a future for yourself. As (FORCE) said, it's worth it.

    3. Helios


      Thank u for cheering me guys (if googletranslate didnt say to me shit about word cheering xd), im going to end university :>

      Btw i think ill be able to play ET only on weekends, because im usualy im too tired at other part of week o_o

  5. Helios

    Happy birthday Helios and Rawlife

    Thanks guys, i am happy i was congratulated (i hope auto translater chosed right word o.o) by this great community
  6. Helios

    Russian on vacation

  7. Helios

    Dirty Bomb Anyone around here still plays DB?

    Since i installed steam i have also installed DB. And this game is nice in my opinion, i have already reached lvl 7 and opened 2 mercs C: We can play together but my skill still suck in this game o_o
  8. Wasnt accepted into university (at least in first wave, i have chance at second wave). But i found i have flatfoot in one of its worst forms: longitudinal 3rd degree, transversial 2nd degree (1 - mild form, 3 - worst form), so im not going to army for sure.

    1. Helios


      For describing flatfoot was used russian medicine system.

    2. Kevlar


      I didn't get accepted into any of the schools I applied to. I took a year off and worked which was the right thing for me. When I reapplied I got into with no problem. I should also say I've never worked a day in a job that was related to my major- LoL Hang in there.

  9. I just suggested other way to get able to upgrade your computer's RAM at little less cost (just adding 2x4, not buying 2x8 to replace old 2x4) Well, i didn't readed topic properly and didn't saw topic starter already chosed MB with 4 RAM slots
  10. So u are going for 2x4gb RAM? I would suggest to think about motherboard with 4 slots for RAM so u can freely upgrade ur computer if future games will be too demanding on RAM o_o
  11. Helios

    What sensitivity do you use

    No, my mouse haven't drivers o_o (because it's cheap chinese mouse ) Just tried to play in fullscreen mode 1024x768. Didn't noticed something wrong, so i think it doesn't matter o_o (or matter but not much) EDIT: Just tried to change res in calculator, with changing res was changing only Actual VFOV/HFOV, so...
  12. Helios

    What sensitivity do you use

    Couple weeks ago i got new mouse with dpi chaging 800-1200-1600-2400, now i'm using 1600 o_o Im not sure these settings really fit to me because im using windowed mode 800x600.
  13. Helios

    Enable adrenaline in NQ1 server

    Adrenaline will let allies to take obj to their territory while axis are just used adrenaline on themselves. My knowledge of english don't let me explain good enough to you, but there is many maps, that will become even more harder to win on defending side with adrenaline enabled.
  14. Helios

    Enable adrenaline in NQ1 server

    I think this isn't good idea. In game you have to save stamina if u want to escape from someone or kill him using speed. Maps like frostbite already hard for axis if they want to win, but with adrenaline syringe it will make these maps even more harder for axis.
  15. Received results of exams. Informatics: 75; Physics: 53; Russian language: 64; Mathematic (advanced): 74.

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    2. Patrick
    3. Coconut


      Пат, не гони тут. у него очень хорошие баллы)

    4. Springfield-