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  1. Just to start us of, most loot for August. Is this the right place to post? If not can someone move it please.
  2. I agree with the dragons, not so much golem or pekka. Golem and pekka cannot attack air units and will be destroyed easily and quite quickly with a dragon or 2. Also most people cant fit a golem in the CC. Having just used my poison spell against a full cc with dragon, only the dragon survived. Also make sure, if your gonna lure the cc troops, to use the spell in your kill zone otherwise time will be eaten away whilst waiting for the full effect of the spell to take place. Just my observations so far having used it today.
  3. Maybe, but the trophy is good for the lower guys as it's rare that anyone above say th7 gets any more than 25 where as below that, 32 is quite common, so it kinda works both ways. Also, by having a donation award it gives an incentive for guys to start donating more. Yes guys don't have dragons (unlocked at th7) etc but tbh it doesn't take long for people to get to th7. Anyhows, these are just ideas to throw in to the pot
  4. How about these as awards Most troops donated Highest loot steal in 1 attack (gold and elixr combined amount) Most trophies stolen in 1 attack Quickest 3 star in war Not sure about other devices, but iPad etc you can take a screen shot easily enough.
  5. Highly unlikely that anyone would visit just for the sake of checking where traps etc are. Most base designs you can have a good guess where they will be, or if it's been attacked once just watch the replay. For example, I probably wouldn't use hogs on an anti hog base, as I would of already assessed where double giant bombs possibly are. You can assume that the enemy would be doing the same and wouldn't need to go through the trouble of going through the whole visit the forums etc. Just don't post your war base, we can all see it during wars.
  6. I think this is a great tool to use. As stated works well with the larger wars and something we should think about adopting when we start to get more people involved in wars.
  7. Farming Trophy War base is working well, and constantly being tweaked.
  8. Save them. When you are facing 14 days for upgrades, that's the time I wish for gems, especially when I have all 5 builders on the go, with lots of resources
  9. Having trouble finding us? try our clan code #QORRRRV (O=> letter O)
  10. Let us know and I'll let you in. Having trouble finding us try our clan code #QORRRRV (O=> letter O)
  11. Put a post on here when your ready to join and someone will drop the trophy limit for you so you can join up. It's more of a timing thing.
  12. Welcome, have a look here http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/237-clash-of-clans/ For our CoC Information

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