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  1. Parrot I'm so pleased for you that your Noemi is safe
  2. I hope they find them mate, praying from across the pond buddy
  3. To Be or Not to be That is the question

    1. Satanek


      To be in the Eu or not?

    2. MoHawk


      Maybe lol


  4. Nub , sorry whats a nub ? thanks for the welcome Many Thanks will 'stay cool' LOL House was Built in the 50's and needed a lot of work and loving
  5. Hi I'm Back to play Cod 4, having now moved into my new home which required a lot of work to be done and my internet is sorted and i have the time to play again (under the name of Mohawk ) Hope you will have me back
  6. GI JOE a simple explanation is all I asked for it gets frustrating to be Honest You take me off FA I join a clan that will take noobes like me
  7. After downloading COD 4 to my laptop I decided to join the Beginners server. at least 7 times I was kicked without an explanation.Is this how you admin your servers I am after all on trial not happy what so ever.
  8. Understand where your coming from pal
  9. Can't wait to move then back on to gaming long term :)

  10. Im in the process of buying a new house so I'm packing like mad. I shall be on the web site,but not gaming so will catch up when i get sorted guys .Save a place for me
  11. Just to let you know my comp is in the shop having a new 500GB SSD hard drive fitted so won't be on till next week ,then standby
  12. Try this https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=cod+4+cd+codes+to+buy&tbm=shop

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