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  1. Very good movie, thought I'd watch something other than the usual for a change.
  2. Spring is in the AIR!!!

    1. Satanek


      and the allergies.... hahaha

    2. RedBaird


      Yes, we have some "early bloomers" in this area! :D

  3. That's just my lightsaber in my pocket...

    1. RedBaird


      Still lusting after one of those, after all these years? :D

    2. (FORCE)


      I'll bet ... ;>

  4. I just go visit the neighbors garden, and make my fresh salad, it's good for me. No pesticides!!!
  5. Spiritual Kung Fu 1978 ‧ Action/Adventure/World cinema ‧ 1h 37m Jackie Chan at his best... Funny movie, real good styles of fighting.
  6. Welcome, to our forum. Play strong, be stronger...
  7. WOW, I like that Bambi, being German and Polish, oh Yeah!!! My mouth is watering right about now. Das ist gut!!!
  8. Well, that would make me type for 10 mins, hehaw!!! Not a fav, but my mood directs me to a flavor of choice at the time I'm thirsty. Just give me a drink, I'll be your friend to the end!!!
  9. Since Quake III, this game engine is the best. A great way to say hi to your online buddies, and frag them right afterwards... The best of the best play WET.
  10. Each application should have a handling fee... 5.00 USD... HEHAW!!! just kidding.........
  11. How about cake decorating with a FA clan tag on it... Happy FA gaming day!!!
  12. Now that's awesome, to be able to keep players from moving back after a !shuffle. Must be cool to do a !shuffle. I can do the Curly Shuffle though...
  13. Sorry, happy B-Day. Got any cake left?

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