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  1. Nothing's blocked thats the thing. When that popped up i clicked no few times and it was blocked etc so i just ended it with task manager im just afraid that it could spread into my computer, but i ran malwarebytes rkill and few more programs and i dont seem to see it. Comptuer seems to work fine and nothing blocks or pops up..
  2. Does anyone know how to scan if that thing is still on my PC?
  3. Yes, I found that myself. Did a system restore till 15/12/14 ran malwarebytes like 10times, rkill to stop any malware from running and got that : Rkill 2.6.8 by Lawrence Abrams (Grinler) http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ Copyright 2008-2014 BleepingComputer.com More Information about Rkill can be found at this link: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic308364.html Program started at: 12/29/2014 03:10:17 PM in x64 mode. Windows Version: Windows 8.1 Checking for Windows services to stop: * No malware services found to stop. Checking for processes to terminate: * No malware processes found to kill. Checking Registry for malware related settings: * No issues found in the Registry. Resetting .EXE, .COM, & .BAT associations in the Windows Registry. Performing miscellaneous checks: * Windows Defender Disabled [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender] "DisableAntiSpyware" = dword:00000001 Checking Windows Service Integrity: * MsKeyboardFilter [Missing Service] * CSC [Missing Service] * E1G60 [Missing Service] * kbldfltr [Missing Service] * storvsp [Missing Service] * Vid [Missing Service] * vmbusr [Missing Service] * vpcivsp [Missing Service] Searching for Missing Digital Signatures: * No issues found. Checking HOSTS File: * HOSTS file entries found: activate.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com lmlicenses.wip4.adobe.com lm.licenses.adobe.com Program finished at: 12/29/2014 03:12:12 PM Execution time: 0 hours(s), 1 minute(s), and 54 seconds(s) Ran hitmanPro and now im running SpyHunter to detect if that spyware is still there. However im nearly certain it didn't get infected as i read that most of the times the PC should be unaccesable and i should get alot of pop up messages, and at this moment i've no issues with my PC maybe a bit slower due to lots of scans. However im still not sure and if someone else knows anything about this i would appreciate if he/she posted it here.
  4. Whats going on guys, As always another problem with my laptop.. Today I got up turned my laptop had to check something on the internet opened up browser googled something and next thing that comes up is the Ukash scam saying that this search has been blocked or something and that im fined with 100euro for looking children pornography, which i wasnt so i obviously knew that its a scam.. I shut down chrome opened up TOR and started googling about this shit.. Apperantly its a virus that is able to steal my personal information etc. I tried to get live chat help but they want around 70 bucks for getting rid of the virus.. Im a student and im unable to get that much atm. I heard you have to do something to registry's to get rid of it but im afraid im going to mess up my laptop even more. Is someone here that knows alot about this stupid thing and would be able to help me? I would appreciate it as I don't want my personal info to be stolen by some hackers.. Thanks.. PS. I haven't downloaded anything so im not sure how I even got that.
  5. One of my buddies came in yesterday and without me knowing he did system recovery to the 2nd of october. The system works fine now, everything boots up but I will still do the scans and let you know if it finds some crap.
  6. Ah man, still i reinstalled audio drivers and it still doesnt work.. My startup programs seem to work sometimes eg. if I leave my laptop on for 20mins and go somewhere then they start up fine.. seems like my laptop just went really slow.. To the audio problem it still says that "Audio Service isn't running".. I translated from polish so i don't know if that gives you any kind of hint. And btw what is Host Task Windows when I shutdown my laptop it comes up saying that its running in the background.
  7. Lenovo Z510 CPU : i7@2.2GHz Ram: 8Gb Motherboard: Lenovo viuu4 (U3E1) Graphics: Geforce G740m Audio:Realitek high definition audio Yet even if i don't have the malware why is my pc so slow? Why does it freezes, and why cant i run programs etc?
  8. See the thing is that I did run it in full scan.. Nothing comes up anymore.. My audio thing seems as it's not being "run" therefore i cannot listen to music, open windows media player as there is problem with server.. everything seems to stop working.. Additionally when i do sfc /scannow nothing happens.. Aswell as that no games/programs that I need for my college work..
  9. where can i find the xernicus list?
  10. Sorry doc, its just that its quite new laptop and im pissed off as i got alot of school projects that need to be handed in tomorow and my laptop got infected.. I ran all these scans and it says that no malware has been found.. Would i just be better of to restart system to factory settings?(onekey recovery)
  11. the thing as I said is that my sound won't work.. Now my hostappservice stopped working..
  12. Im not sure how to run it in safe mode.. I run widnows 8.1
  13. Okay basically i Did most of the stuff apart of combofix as I run windows 8.1.. It seemed fine for a bit, all Icons came back after i run AVG scan.. But i rebooted the pc and still the same.. I can't even open up control panel because it just freezes on the window. The laptop seems waaay slower and windows doesnt recognize that my laptop has speakers therefore i cannot play any music. Aswell as that when i shutdown my laptop a notification comes up that TASK HOST MANAGER is run in the background ..
  14. how can I system restore to the time before i downloaded that?
  15. would the free version of malwarebytes: anti malware do?

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