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  1. LOL Buckwild great job.
  2. Seems legit but it is jay1 feature for long time..
  3. Jump up, Jump up, Jump around :D
  4. Well spread I am addicted one -> Why? I find this game enough competitive among all. As it seems no one has invented better game play till this times.
  5. welcome here if you wont some help dont be shy just ask
  6. Piotr2


    Hi pride siema Jeśli chcesz aplikować to musisz napisać na linku co United Blood podał. wypełnił podanie jak poniżej Ingame Name (Gaming Alias): Your Past Gaming Alias: Your Past clans if any: Discord:(name#id) Location and timezone: Age: How often do you play: Have you submitted your last 8 character of GUID in your profile: =F|A= Server you play on most: Your expertise ( Coding, moder, Photoshop, etc): Do you have VIP membership: Have you donated: Will you be able to help in recruiting?: What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: Referral (Which member referred you): Do you have 40,000 XP (Provide Ingame Screenshot): Tell us about yourself: Pamiętaj minimum 40 000 XP i możesz aplikować. Powodzenia.
  7. Ohhh no please no fuel dump on jay1 1. Bremmen 2. Snatch 3. Gold rush 4. Supply 5. this map with god of war (you know axis must delivered the book of spells for calling god of war)
  8. Tnaks mate I wil be there :D
  9. sorry than cuz i thought that lan is still pending therefore only jingle at main web site.
  10. For keeping your harts in emotion state -> Here it is some news. 2018 event LAN comes: https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9029/return-to-krefeld-battleground RedBaird ADDED: Piotr2 posted a youtube video of last May's Event :
  11. For those who forgot me I ma still here folks. As follows time is ticking and I consider some of you maybe did not noticed that ET is still pros gaming. For those who knew 2017 ET is not dead Krefeld Battleground Please enjoy:
  12. I think now this topic should be closed :D

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