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  1. hello :D

    Where i am its off and on blistering heat or cold an rain. But hey as long as my pc works and doesn't overheat im a happy girl!
  2. Hey guys

    Welcome back smoke
  3. Save the dogs!

    I am a vegetarian so i also don't like people eating cows, chickens and other animals. However atleast here they are treated a little more humane then the dogs over there. Over here we do not skin them alive, boil them alive or cut pieces out of them while they are alive.
  4. Save the dogs!

    Hey all, I am a huge animal lover and proud owner of a lovely chowchow called Luka. In china however, dogs like mine are tortured, murdered and eaten at what they call a "Festival". As a member of FA i have the huge advantage to reach alot of people, who themselves, know a lot of other people. So i want to kindly ask you all to sign this petition, and let your friends and family know about this. Lets at least try to stop this madness. Me and the doggies thank you from the bottom of our hearts. SSG http://www.thepetitionsite.com/206/893/746/stop-the-fci-wds2019-in-china/
  5. Great pet names, and silly ones too :P

    My dog is called Luka, our cat's are Arnoud, Mieke, Tom, and Salem ( he is black as a witches cat ) We had a cat named Thoulouse and my dad's dog was named Nozem which translated to English means as much as punk or hoodlum. This turned a lot of heads when he used to call him
  6. Butters new Love palace.........

    Nice man and the doggy is soooooo cute! What kind of dog is that? We have a white Chow chow, equally as cute
  7. Packed from Belgium

    Wauw i never knew someone could find our frutella's so delicious! Maybe next time you could ask for Speculoos pasta You will faint that's how good that is
  8. Tell me your funniest misheard lyrics

    I always thought Alanis Morissete was singing about a cross eyed bear and sssuy sings yoedewadelawap instead of you are the one that i want in the song from grease
  9. A cool gift :D

    That's so nice of him
  10. I am still quitting! :D

    Firts of all good job Chameleon ! Cruel please stop now, we will support you
  11. 3 places to see before you die

    my 3 are Oak island so i can dig up some treasure Pennhurst asylum, so i can go ghosthunting Hoia baciu forest in Roemenia to spot some ufo's For some reason i can't upload a picture of this forest :S, but look it up its cool!
  12. Just because SiD is awesome!

    Ahw , the bromance
  13. Just wanted to brag for a sec :D

    I would not dare take your moment of glory away
  14. Just wanted to brag for a sec :D

    What is not said is that Vyder probably had 54 knifekills
  15. Happy Birthday soulJAHmon

    Happy Birthday Soul!