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  1. Well... Summer is pretty much back. Got lots or yardwork on top of work work, so I won't be around as much. Peace, and sse you around.

  2. Wow, am I busy or what?!!? Worked overnight, but got a co-worker to take over. Good thing, since he's been working 12 hours so far...

  3. I'm on call again this weekend, and I'm trying to clean up the car for next weekend's trip. Won't be playing too much again. Take care, buddays!

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      It's ok Dani you can watch.........Wash on wash off.....

    3. von Rantala

      von Rantala

      Okey! Take Care mate!

    4. 000


      Lol... :P



  4. This space for rent.

  5. Went to The Amazing Spiderman 2 at the theater yesterday night. AVX, 3D, late showing. It was done at 1:24am. Wow. Not too bad. Spidey is a smart-ass full of one liners in this one. And we watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit tonight. It was ok, but I'm not into these movies too much since I'm older. I like no-brainers. I keep my brain power (whatever I got left) for work.
  6. I'm not a hard liquor fan. In fact, I'm not a beer fan either. I will occasionally drink some Mike's Hard Lemonade, or Smirnoff Ice... But I prefer to keep my head clear, and drink some diet pop. If something happens while were out, I have control of the situation. If my wife drinks, I don't. And vice versa. She used to drink more often than I did, so I pretty much quit drinking since we met in 2000. Don't miss it. I am a cheap drunk, and got a bad case of the giggles when I do. And a massive hangover the next day!
  7. That's what I used to drink when I was living back home in Québec! That was 16 years ago though. They don't have Black Label in Saskatchewan (and no Molson Ex, but Canadian), but that's fine as I don't really drink too much anymore, and Coors Lite works for me. P.S. I used to drink the big bottles at the bar. You probably know where I'm from now...
  8. Well, that's it for me for now. But here's a snapshot of the billboard just before I left: 24 F|Amily members online!! Feels like Christmas...
  9. Just went to take a look, and we have 16 =F|A= members online!!
  10. Applefish

    Curvy or not?

    That's what she said!
  11. Check this one out Buttah! http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/americas-best-bread-recipe-38-pages-long-180951217/?no-ist
  12. Took today off, so the weekend has started for me!



      Don't tell your wife!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    2. Applefish


      EHehehe. She knows, she's off too.


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