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  1. I know am kind of getting annoying..but the PSU in the alienware is in the form of AC adapter and i can only keep the psu outside?? if u want to know how the alienwares inside components and parts are see this : this might help you understand the form factor and the way the components are placed..which can ultimately help me
  2. Now. This makes sense. Thank you for the tips but what should i do?? how can i fix the power problem? i want it fixed as soon as possible..
  3. what. i didnt get ur point. i cant even run a single game.. first i need to think of making my gpu properly work..i cant understand what u saying 1 and 2 i can consider.. 3 and 4 nop
  4. Returning the gpu is a no go i guess.. 1. 2x4gb 2. 1 cpu cooler and another to small fan to let out heat i guess. ( 2 fans in gpu ) 3. 1x1TB just like u presumed.
  5. Anyways Thank you for your help and info il just search and find a solution...There is always a solution..
  6. Guys...theres also another problem...i cant change the psu..because the psu in Alienware x51 R2 is external..in the form of an AC adapter.. There is a powerboard inside it..which supports till 330w..and only EVGA's reference cards are compaitable it seems(though i dont understand what a reference card is) for example : https://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=04G-P4-1970-KR What can i do?? need help please.
  7. Is this one good..not many companies are available in india thats why am going for corsair... http://www.amazon.in/CORSAIR-Series-CS650M-Certified-Modular/dp/B00GJRH164?tag=googinhydr18418-21
  8. I found this in the dell community..by any means is it possible to run the card without changing PSU?? heres the link for it : http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/alienware/f/3746/t/19602207
  9. The main problem is I don't have room for upgrades..its a small form factor pc. Only less upgrades can be made.. I'm thinking of going with corsair vs550 with 550watts and no..am not going to update gfx cards or put em in a sli connection.. Like I said there's no room for sli
  10. So need to upgrade my PSU also? Some suggestions please
  11. Idk abt the power supply properly..but the power button didn't blink or go Amber..it just went off...anyways I can play ET properly 170Watts I guess..
  12. hi guys..I updated my gpu to Gtx 970... Opened the comp..installed everything (latest drivers) And everything was working fine...I wanted to try testing in games.. Opened far cry 3..computer crashed..like fully shut down.. Need help :'( pleaaaseee My computer spec: (Alienware x51 r2) Intel i7 4770k 8gb ram Gtx 745(upgraded to Gtx 970) 1tb hdd
  13. ....

    1. von Rantala

      von Rantala

      Hey, mate havent see for long time, how are u?

  14. I got CS:GO recently...can i also join? i really dont know how to change my name...etc My alias is blue7011

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