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  1. yea teams were VERY stacked and there was WAY too many people and no one was moving around to make teams fair so i couldnt handle my team and decided to leave and come back later that day..but yes thanks
  2. finally after doing my jail time and workin 6 days aweek i FINALLY updated my guid ..thanks to HULK !! 5 stars for hulk!!
  3. Boxing

    not bad...gotta love that class...i call them firecracks cuz they are soo small that they just throw punchs allll the time not like heavy weights were they throw few punches but they got soo much power behind them...i was up drinking and watching k1 finals last night..it was pretty good..my guy badr hari lost tho..he 2 fights before this final match were like 1 round knockouts..but he got pwnd the last round against the 6'11'' russian http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St-gH3ky83Ahttp://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St-gH3ky83A
  4. punkbuster

    mine is in windows 32 and i still get kicked ..it takes 3 times of shuttin down ET and restarting it and joining the server in order for it to stay on and not kick me..says missing heart beat failure or something like that ...ive try uninstallin and reinstalling and updating and none of it works..also read somewhere that it says to go to your firewall and allow pnkbstrb.exe and i did and still same problems..all i know it takes me 3 times of gettin kick then exiting and restarting ET and somehow it will stay on and keep me on the server without kickn,,
  5. Anyone Got Kids

    yup i agree on everything he said BUT there are also good things to look forward to..i dont have time right now but ill give you a indepth reply here either tonight or sum time tomorrow from day 1 to present on what to expect and what happen how how to handle things..dont worry man..just get yourself taken care of first..you cant be a good dad if you cant deal with your problems first..do what u need to do to make yourself a better person and keepin that temper down and stayin out of trouble.
  6. Which Server Do you play on the most

    u can find me on jaymod 2 mostly but i started playin on et pub and hardcore
  7. Dime you will always be remembered and missed..ive met you a bunch of times and will cherish every time I have because you were a awesome guy and took time to meet the fans... R.I.P. Dime my long lost brotha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkAMtXTEjcohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkAMtXTEjco
  8. Meteor Video from South Africa

    didnt look like no one hit the brake lights on the highway..shit you would of seen my car get sideways and brake light all day..id be like WTFFFFF!!!!! lol.. oh fyi Arizona is awsome for these meteor showers..we have such clear skies at night that you ALWAYS see one or two in the desert at night.
  9. Poor bots lols

    holy crap!! nice spree thunder
  10. strip' tease

  11. New to F A

    welcome to the forums man..see ya on pub or stop on by jaymod 2
  12. 3 word story

    powder type coating
  13. POWERTHIRST Energy Drink

    holy crap..i want one of them segal cans..thats badass!! holy crap..i want one of them segal cans..thats badass!!
  14. POWERTHIRST Energy Drink

    we cant watch it it says..got to go to youtube cuz embed is disabled
  15. Im new

    lol the rice eater lol classic!! i like me sum rice too..and yes your cfg does catch my haxs guess the tutorial here wasnt that good at all