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  1. Hey hey, In the meantime the error had mostly stopped and i was able to play a bit, but then it started again, so I can't be playing any games anymore. Now it is impossible to switch to the Radeon GPU as the computer simply freezes every time I try. At least it is giving me slightly less shit on re-start, i.e. the laptop will mostly restart fine after a freeze, no need for the startup repair. The CrystalDiskInfo I had run gave me "gut" (= good) as a result so I didn't bother writing it in here. Other than the GPU problem, the laptop also keeps on having trouble with what seems to be the network device. The LED lamp on the Wireless-switch starts flickering red/white alternately and the laptop freezes, sometimes followed by blue screen. This happens approximately once per week so it's not that bad. I'm a bit demoralised now, I guess this is more of a hardware issue than driver connected. I am not proficient enough to interpret the bluescreen logs, all I can say is that the event log is full of "errors" and even "critical" entries: I definitely won't buy new hardware anytime soon so I'll stop trying to play computer games for a while and hope that the laptop will at least suffice for my office work (studies). If any of you still feel there is something to be done here feel free, but I won't blame you if not! Best, Phil-O PS: Not that it's of any help, but here's a 3DMark result for the onboard Intel HD Graphics.
  2. Did you see the second screenshot that I made with CrystalDiskMark 5? Or did you want me to install another version of Crystal?
  3. Hey hey, thanks for guiding me through. Here are the screenshots, I hope that is what you were hoping for. I also noticed some "minor" troubles - what the heck is that?! Thanks again! Best Phil-O
  4. Sorry, me again It worked OK for a few days, although i always put him to sleep instead of shutting it down to keep him alive. Now I just got a blue screen while gaming. It was only visible for one second or two, the only thing I can recall of the BS was that it was saying something with the word "kernel" blabla in the top left corner of the screen... Afterwards screen went black and thus is what I got... No hard disc exists?!? After manually rebooting I'm again stuck at windows booting... Tried rebooting again twice, this came up: The checkup seemed fine. Then again bluescreen and after three attemps to reboot I'm back in windows miraculously. I think I need to solve this for real, this can't be the way forward...
  5. So I switched to the AMD and there are still a few problems, albeit not as bad as before! - I can't regulate the screen brightness, only if I switch to the Intel HD graphics and then back to AMD it works. - After a lot of Windows updates and subsequent auto-configuration at startup I had a blue screen. Fortunately on restart the faulty configuration was automatically uninstalled. Let's see if that fixed it, maybe a one of the windows updates caused a problem with the AMD driver. As for the problem concerning the screen brightness, I will see for that when I have more time...
  6. Well let me tell you that right now the notebook works well, and it's even quite good in terms of noise & heat. Last night after the last freeze-and-restore I had switched to the Intel GPU, and since then the system seems very stable to me. When I have more time I will try to switch to the AMD again, and perhaps run some benchmarks or try gaming. Should I encounter more problems I will do another clean windows install just to be sure, and try the Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Update 3 UnifL in dynamic mode. What's funny is that playing ET last night with the Intel graphics was more fluent than it previously was with the Radeon! Before this whole mess, playing ET with the Intel graphics was impossible due to massive stuttering. I'm not much of a gamer... Except about two years ago I played Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 for a little while (2 weeks or so, 2-3 hours per day on average) and it was never really fluent even on low settings. I thought that it was normal that way, that the CPU/GPU combination just wasn't good enough. Then I played only ET for about 2 years, always with the Radeon. About 1 month ago, I felt like playing mirror's edge, and roughly 3 missions into the game, at a part where lots of ennemy troops show up, the fan always went mad and I think the system overheated, massive stuttering ocurred and there was no way I could continue playing. Time will tell if this was a driver problem or if the Radeon is really damaged from the heat or whatever. I've had this notebook since 2011, and I got so used to it that I cannot remember how it performed when it was new. Could be that it was underperforming from the start, or it could be that it slowly deteriorated with time and I just got used to it and therefore I didn't realise it. If this whole mess was a driver issue, the BSOD was actually a blessing in disguise, forcing me to do something about it... But right now I'm still reluctant to cheer too soon. PS: I realised I made a backup of my ETprofile and config but forgot to save my ET key bye bye XP...
  7. I installed the driver you told me. It was the best I've tried until now. both GPUs work, and the switching between them works also. Two things that still frighten me: 1) I can only change the brightness of the screen AFTER having switched GPU, before that it just won't react if I change the brightness in the energy options 2) When I don't touch the notebook and just leave it be, the screen will turn black and the fan goes absolutely crazy, system is stuck. The only way to stop this is to force shut down. unfortunately then it is back to the usual endless boot freeze loop, which can only be stopped by restoring the system (which I did twice already). Could it be that the driver is OK now, but there is a hardware problem also? Would there be a way of finding out if the hardware is faulty, e.g. run some sort of diagnosis software or maybe a benchmark tool? Cheers Phil-O
  8. I was aware of the fact that there was a driver issue but I didn't think it was so bad as to cause BSOD etc. But please remember I am NOT able to go into safe mode, for me that is a sign that it is not just a driver problem?! I will try that stuff tonight though, provided I understand what those nerds are talking about in their forum... Thanks mate I admire your positivity and patience with me I was already starting to cross out some finger foods and cakes for the wedding in order to be able to afford a new laptop I hope I can come back to you with positive results soon! BTW in case this shit gets fixed to the forum's help I will donate 25€ as a humble sign of my gratitude. Phil-O
  9. I found out that the intel HD graphics driver was for Windows 32bit, so I suspect the error "your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements" might have been related to that. No idea why HP only supply the driver for Win7 32bit. So I manually downloaded the intel HD graphics 2000 driver for Windows 7 64bit and installed it. Installation went fine, but following that the restart was unsuccessful. These screens came up: - system32/WinSat: Windows Systembewertungstool (system performance assessment?!? - just an underscore blinking endlessly in the top left corner - When I forcibly restarted the system, I got a black screen followed by a split second BSOD, and another restart. I then gave the motherf***er another last chance, just to make sure it wasn't due to a faulty chipset installation on my part. - I did a clean re-install of windows 7 64-bit - installed the chipset drivers: "Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver", afterwards Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver - then the AMD driver, as previously the installation went OK but after I had error code 43 in the device manager, but at least it didn't make the system freeze - finally I installed Intel HD graphics 2000 for 64bit. The install itself went well, but once again after the restart the screen went dark I was so frustrated I left the room, but when I came back after 15 minutes something had happend: I was on my desktop, resolution was set to 1366x768 and everything seemed fine! The system asked me to do another reboot due to changed graphics settings. When I did the reboot, computer froze for a short while during the "Welcome Screen", after 5 minutes showed the desktop, and then froze completely, with the fan getting noisier from minute to minute. Forcibly shut it down, when I try boot in safe mode it gets stuck at loading stage. So is that it now? I think I'm running out of hope and options. Does anybody have any thoughts on the above?! Why would it work shortly only to then freeze to death? Does that point to faulty hardware? And if so, is that something that can be fixed (by a hardware noob like me)? Right now I'm desperate
  10. I have installed the driver, but after a system restart it says that the GPU cannot be activated due to to a fault (code 43). Here's a screenshot from the device manager and catalyst center:
  11. I got all the drivers from this HP support website: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-dv6-Entertainment-Notebook-PC-series/5145688/model/5205567#Z7_3054ICK0KGTE30AQO5O3KA30R1 The AMD driver that caused my system to fail is this: AMD-High-Definition-Grafiktreiber 8.882.2.3000 339.0 MB 11. Sept. 2015 The file is called: sp55092.exe About the chipset: I know it is the first thing that should be installed. I installed these from the HP site: (1) Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver (2) Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver (3) There are 3 USB 3.0 Host controllers, I wasn't sure which one to install: Renesas, NEC and Fresco. I installed Renesas because a software called "Driver Booster 3" told me to. Because all of the drivers from the HP website are old (from 2011), I suspected maybe my chipset isn't installted correctly. I went to the Intel website and ran the Intel Driver Update Utility. It told me to install "Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility-EXE only) installed version 6.1.7600.16385 latest version 10.0.27. However when I run the installation, it says "Failed".
  12. HP has graphics 3 drivers for the Pavilion DV6-6B55SG: 1) AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver 2) AMD/Intel Switchable High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver 3) Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver Not sure if I expressed myself well - i tried the AMD driver installation (number 1 in the list, includes catalyst center). The installation itself seemed to have worked well, but afterwards I could not boot windows anymore, not even in the safe mode. Therefore I reset the system to before the AMD driver. So right now I have no GPU driver installed. I then tried to installt ONLY the onboard intel graphics (number 3 in the above list). But when I start the installation I get the above error message, that my system does not fit the minimum requirements!? Any suggestions why that might be? Should I re-install the AMD driver and deactivate the GPU before I reboot windows - is that even possible, I mean do the GPUs show up in the device manager after installation but previous to reboot? Thank you! Phil-O
  13. Phil-O

    HP Laptop overheating issue.

    Did you have any luck at all? Interesting topic - the neverending problem of overheating consumer notebooks... my HP DV6 Pavillon just died, I am still hopeful to revive it with the forum's help though. However for the worst case I've started looking out for something new. Reading into it, my intuition was more than confirmed that consumer laptops are built in such a way that they won't be able to handle the built-in performance heat-wise. In Germany the price for an i7-4xxx with say a geforce gtx950 is sometimes less than 900€. So why do business laptops cost so much more and still have less expensive components? It's all in the build quality of the barebone: hard materials, panel, good heat infrastructure and cooling system. So then I thought 'let's get a notebook with business quality but also with a decent GPU'. Well, now that's expensive! Best solution I could find were a number of retailers where you can have your notebook assembled based on clevo barebones and choosing your components one by one. It certainly doesn't correspond to a lenovo's T-Series quality but it is an OK compromise, also taking into account that these barebones are easy to open up and clean/update with new hardware. Just for reference a newly released 15.4" with IPS panel, i7-6700hq with a gtx950, better wifi, 500GB SSD costs around 1250€. It's still a lot of money especially for a poor student like me, but I've come to think that I'd rather wait half a year than buy another piece of plastic waste that gives me the same frustrations all over again. So why did I write this little novel? Because I wanted to show you that even if you manage to get to your fan, replace it and apply thermal paste/pads, the outcome won't be as wished. Why? Because these consumer notebooks aren't build to work cool and silent for many years in the first place! Nor are they built for a comfortable accessabilty of the hardware. The money they make through repairs and the faster turnover rate from the early death of those notebooks serves to further reduce the retail price. Of course that doesn't mean you shouldn't try! And btw is your intel onboard graphics good enough to play ET or do you have an additional GPU to switch to? Cheers Phil-O
  14. So... The following happened. I installed all the drivers, and everything seemed to work OK. Booting after restarts was going well. However after installing the AMD GPU driver, the newest one directly from the HP website, restart was a failure again. I could not boot, I couldn't even access the safe mode nor the HP recovery thingy on startup (pressing F11). The computer was frozen on the opening screen or I was stuck at a screen where I could choose between System repair and normal boot. First option (system repair) lead to nothing, it got stuck at the "loading" stage. Normal boot lead to a never ending black screen. I have now managed, thanks to the boot DVD, to restore the system to a point prior to the AMD driver installation. Now the computer works OK (it seems!). However I can't seem to be able to install the onboard intel GPU. I get an error message saying that the system does not meet the minimum requirements. If at least that would work that would be a huge relief because I can't afford a new laptop atm. It would mean not playing ET, but at least I can get my work done. In your opinion, does all that sh*t hint to a hardware problem with the Radeon GPU? If so, is that something that can be replaced rather cheeply? At least it looks like network isn't a problem, both LAN and wireless work perfectly without a single problem. Even the function key to activate the wireless adapter works, including the LED. And one more thing... I keep on getting this error message. It keeps on popping up several times in a row (like 10 times in 1 minute), and it translate to something like "USB device could not be installed". This kept coming up for a while after I had spilled the beer on the keyboard, then it vanished. Now it's back. Thanks again everybody who has been or still is helping with this! Phil-O PS: should I run windows updates?