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  1. Hot in here......

    1. Dontkillme
    2. -=RIPPER=-


      good idea, but none installed.... so sweat sweat sweat....

  2. We made it! Now we have to look forward to the European Championchips in 2016! Maybe we can do it like Spain but just in another line. They did European Champion, World Champion, Eupropean Champion! I Vote for Germany: World Champion, European Champion, World Champion!!!!
  3. We are World Champion! the 4th Star! Great!

  4. Argentina we are coming

  5. It seems to be that you are wrong! .... What a pity it was my favourite Final....
  6. Yeah that s right! It is a big mistake to setup a Team Match around a single player (Neymar). The fact that they miss professional forwards, have the most expensive Defense in the world but without any organisation in it and the fact that they have 11 single players and no Team Spirit makes it nessecary to do things you told.... This was the bill for it!
  7. I have to admit that I am German and I live 5km away from the Border to the Netherlands. When I was shopping this morning some food I met a Dutch guy. He told me that they have to go with their team today against Argentina. I told him "That`s funny, we go with our Team against Argentina too.... On Sunday! And the result shows.... I was right!
  8. Yeah... we did it! 1-7 Worldcup we are coming!!!

    1. SkuLLc0LLector


      What goes around comes around..

    2. equaLz


      Wow wow, dont hurry! NL vs Arg first :D Both teams wont give up that fast

    3. -=RIPPER=-


      maybe, but in the end we will be champion! Argentia has no good team setup this time...

  9. today we go against Brazil! Would love if Neymar could join the match!

  10. Now I beleve that my team, GERMANY will go to get the 4th world champion award. I guess we do a 2-0 against Brazil on tuesday and that we will meet the Netherlands in the final on Sunday. we do a 3-2 in the final against them.
  11. I am sad about USA... Now our Neighbours going to the 1/4 Final... I look forward to Friday, when my teams goes against France! Go Germany.... I think we will reach a hard 2:1 and go to the semi Finals!
  12. Yesterday it was really a f...ing bad match of my team! Germany, please go ahead more professional!!

  13. Hello all! What do you think about the tomorrows match USA vs. Germany? What will be the result? My estimation is a duce as 2:2

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