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  1. Nope I mean Darko it's a movie from 2001 staring Jake Gyllenhaal
  2. My favorite movie of all time is definitely Donnie Darko
  3. Recently I've been really into Rick and Morty. Such an obscure show. It's hilarious.
  4. Awesome! Yeah they were sooo good live. Alice is just so full of energy she has great stage presence. http://i.imgur.com/5Ogeecl.jpg <-- one of the better pictures I got at the show. I don't always get to watch all the games, but I definitely try to get a good portion of them on, but I'm always tracking the scores on my phone when I'm not.
  5. All the pictures I had of my car were on my old phone, but It's a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited. It looks just like this. Same color as my mine.
  6. I've always been an Aston Martin fan myself. I would love to one day own this car.
  7. Hello guys. What's my grade Spanky? Do I get an A, or at least a B+?
  8. Haha well I don't plan on getting really into ET or anything, but I can give it a go from time to time. I'll probably get around to downloading it later. Also hello again to all the new people who have welcomed me thank you.
  9. At some point I will definitely check that out.

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