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  1. hello assassins--been way tooo long since i dropped by. hope everyone is well.

    1. L3ftY.


      jeez grave, been a while, thought you were awol for good. wb

    2. Chameleon


      Hey man, good to see ya


  2. it is better to be kind than it is to be right.

  3. hello mates. its been too long since i have played et. hope everybody is well.

    1. Chameleon


      HEy man, Nice to have you back around :D

  4. going to see Southern Culture on the Skids tonight!! YEA!!

  5. I cant join Jaymod. Invalid guid. searched forums and tried the recomended solutions. Still cant join. I just worked 17.5 hours so my energy level is depleted. Will try again later. I see everybody there via Xfire. Wish i was with you guys. ;-]
  6. i think that he has become an action star. Did you ever see Krull? Movie from wayyyyyy back. Very corny sci-fi/fantasy. Anyway.., he was in that. Just a little bit of trivia.
  7. Listen up you noobs! The post was about crappy action film actors. Not quality actors. L. Neeson is a great actor not even close to the scrubs I mentioned earlier. Thanks
  9. Please give an award for the most deaths. I would finally be able to win one.
  10. It burns when i pee. Any ideas as to why this is happening? i am just joking . periodically while playing i receive a message stating that I am running an old version of ET. Where should I go to get an update? Trackbase?
  11. hello and welcome to forums
  12. In your opinion who is the worst actor that has starred in the leading role in action movies? I believe it is a very close race between Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. I think that they are all shitty actors with Jean-Claude and Dolph running neck and neck and the fat and bloated Seagal just 2 steps behind. I was going to also add Chuck Norris to this list but out of fear for my safety I decided to refrain from such action. If you have a different actor in mind please feel free to share your opinion.
  13. why do i always wake up tired?

    1. CheepHeep


      Fk i hate that....i wanna do work but i end up falling asleep again :D

  14. well fellas it was explained to me when i was a very young man that there are 5 classifications of breasts. i will share them with you: Nibs, Nubs, Tibs, Tubs and Hound Dog Ears. I am sure that you understand the first 4 and the prgression in size but you may not know about the hound dog ears. the hound dog ear is a breast that resembles a tube sock with an orange in it. Having said all of that I am like many others in that I like them all. I want them to look pretty though with a bit of firmness and pretty nipples.
  15. Yep. he seems like a snooty little turd nibbler. Never liked his show. Maybe we can pack Nancy Grace in his luggage. F* %^K'em both. ..and regarding the Bieber issue, somebody must take him away, far.. far, away.

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