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  1. fishdude


    The default is 90 FOV, which was designed for a 4:3 screen. I use a 1920x1080 16:9 screen and the math says it should be 120 FOV to keep the same proportions. (90 / (4 / 3) * (16 / 9) == 120) For me, 120 is too fish-eyed, so I use a little less. I am at 114.
  2. fishdude

    Bird watching

    I work from home, and my office has a window to the front yard, so spring last year I put up a few bird feeders to have something to look at out the window. I began learning about different species and how to identify them. So far I've seen 57 different species in my yard. I started paying attention to birds while I am out doing other things and been tracking some of those as well, so all total I've seen and identified 83 different species since last spring. Now the "winter birds" have shown up and in my yard that is white-throated sparrows and dark-eyed juncos. Last year we had heavy snow, so my feeders were the easiest place for these guys to eat and at times I had 25+ of either one in my yard. I'm still watching for a few late migrants. May and October are the months the birds come through here.
  3. We Americans do have traditional foods, not just hamburgers and hot dogs, but it's more of a regional thing. Here in the upper midwest (Minnesota especially), it's probably the hotdish. Other parts of the country make similar things and they call it casserole or goulash. Probably the most popular/famous here is tater tot hotdish. There's no wrong way to make it, but important ingredients are ground beef, mixed veggies (corn, carrots, green beans are most common), tater tots (basically hashbrowns formed into a small bite sized pieces), and a sauce. Most people use a cream soup like cream of chicken or mushroom. Some of the other traditional foods from other parts of the country would be creole (jambalaya, crawdads, etc) in Louisiana, St Louis ribs, tex-mex, southern biscuits and gravy (breakfast), new england clam chowder, Texas chili. Most of these foods you can get anywhere, but they would only be considered traditional in that region. Of course, probably the 1 meal that is universal across the entire country would be Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Turkey, gravy, stuffing/dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes (also called candied yams), corn, green beans, bread/rolls, and pecan and pumpkin pies.
  4. This is what I carry with me. Kershaw Leek. All metal, thin, assisted open, and the finish on it is super hard. Here in Minnesota the legality of assisted open knives is pretty clear. As long as it doesn't have a button (ie: you have to actually move the blade) it's not a switchblade.
  5. Any help on pronunciation? French has so many silent letters, what are the rules. Je ne sais pas. -- That's 90% of my French vocabulary
  6. I have been playing here more often. Would be nice to get ref here as well. Interesting. I get a ping of 40-50 on silent1 and hc, but on sw2 my ping is more like 100-140.
  7. I've noticed that the bots don't know where to take the obj. They just kind of wander around their spawn area with it.
  8. Tapping out when I have the needle out and just about to revive. And if the spawn timer says 1, just hold on, I'll get to you.
  9. HI FRESH Glad to see you on the forums.
  10. fishdude

    My webpage

    My wife is a few credits away from a web design degree, and before she started she used to say to me when I'm working on a project, "Really? You're working on that same thing still? How long does it take to make a website?" Not anymore.
  11. You definitely have sql injection holes in the login form and probably security issues in other places on the site, since you can't normally upload files through sql injection. For example: Enter this in the Username field '1 and see there is a SQL server error. Data passed in should never be used directly to create sql statements. Consider this. string sql = "select * from myTable where username = '" + Request.Form["username"] + "'" If someone enters ' or '1'='1 your sql is going to be select * from myTable where username = '' or '1'='1' -- not what you want. Maybe there is an upload form available after you log in? Remember the hacker can login without a username/password due to the sql injection. If the files are stored in a location that is accessible through the browser, a hacker could upload his own .asp file that can do anything he wants and run it just by accessing the file with the browser. If he uploads an .asp file, it could do almost anything, like overriding the homepage.asp file, installing apps, etc. Classic ASP isn't my thing, but I you can use named parameters instead of creating inline sql (which is vulnerable to injection). You could also switch to using all stored procedures which is called in a similar way. Here is a link that might help: http://prepared-statement.blogspot.com/2006/02/asp-prepared-statements.html Getting the machine cleaned up is important, but until you get the holes in your app fixed, this will just continue to be a problem for you. Something else I just noticed. At the bottom of the page there is an admin link. I clicked on it, and it downloaded some Ammyy admin app. I tried to connect, but it didn't work. I looked through the Ammyy admin site, and it wasn't clear to me if a password is required or not. It didn't say anything about passwords. If it works while you have it running, and there is no password, anyone could connect. You'd be better of using the standard remote desktop capabilities built into Windows.
  12. fishdude

    My webpage

    You'll find this in the real world too. Depending on who you work for, everything has to go through the right channels to be approved.
  13. What is your programming background? If you're a .NET programmer, check out Xamarin.iOS, which let's you program in C# and still creates a native app.

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