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  1. Thanks! Im trying to get the skull to fit in more, and look less like its seperate from the rest.
  2. I attached the first idea I had. Just kinda a rough draft, and not cropped/scaled/formatted yet, but I wanted to know if this was kinda what you were looking for. I can obviously change things around etc if you want.
  3. Just FYI if you want a special font in gimp just install it on us computer, then fire gimp up and it will have auto imported the font.
  4. Was wondering what happened when i didnt see you on xfire. Hope u get a speedy recovery! uh...speedy recovery has nothing to do with speedfact. FYI
  5. I believe this is just for the download transfer rate etc, and wont effect ping or lag.
  6. Studies have shown that Phoenix asking about zombies is the biggest factor in PM boxes getting full

  7. Thx for my second chance Pheoinx!
  8. Thx for posting, It game me a better idea of the gameplay i could expect to see if I download it.
  9. No problem I pity you for not seeing Star Wars tho
  10. For those who haven't watched Star Wars, it looks like the scene from Yoda's planet, Dagoba, and Luke Skywalker's Ship.

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