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    Politics, foxes, tattoos, Volkswagens, skulls/bones, the spooky/supernatural, pole-dancing, and discussing anything that doesn't bore my brains out.

    An ex-dancer, pole-artist by hobby, and an overall college student studying and working with Mortuary Science. C'est la vie.

    Forever reading.
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  1. Moving, new job, and Board exam all in the same month ARRGHH!

  2. Uploaded some pics of my Cadillac and some of my tattoos - check it out and tell me how awesome they all are. ;) 

    1. RedBaird


      I must admit to some confusion.  


      Where did you upload them to?  I only see the album from dec. 2013 in your Gallery.

  3. A few (yes, only a few!) of mine -- you can see the love I have for foxes. Many tattoo artists have worked on me, I'll be filled up soon enough!
  4. My 1978 Cadillac Coupe Deville, my second car and my Weekend Warrior. His name is Blu! He's got those nice rims and an aftermarket sunroof -- Very fun to cruise in! (Since I've spoken about it in Jay1.)
  5. Update: Graduated Mortuary School, still have to take my National Boards to update my licensure, in which I'm still studying for. 
    Next Chapter: I already got accepted into a Uni for Criminology and Criminal Justice for Fall 2019.
    Can't stop, won't stop!


    Grats to all the Grads out there!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. w1cx


      Such great news! Graduation and accepted to uni! Wow congrats Vix! 

    3. RedBaird


      I missed a good opportunity for a joke involving tassels! :( 


      BTW, I see that your hat-tassel is on the right in your pic, did you and your fellow graduates move them from left to right during the ceremony, or vice-versa?  


      BTW#2, the last time that I "switched a tassel", taking a selfie would have looked so outre', not to mention making an out-of-focus pic! :D 


      BTW#3, I am so jealous of our LWV for making a plan and sticking with it! 👏 



    4. RedBaird


      Here is a 'graduation gift' that might help  you in your University Studies.  I like the study-well tips in this video.  It might have helped me during my study-times. :D




  6. A friend of mine, unbeknownst to me, thought it would be funny to hack a traffic sign with my URL on it. Caused many laughs, and pissed off a few people who made it political. It's since been removed but it created some funny pictures!
  7. Self-kills when poisoned by knives are a wussies way out, this has been a PSA.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Bunnny


      Knife throwers dont deserve any kills ( :

    3. captnconcrete


      shit on jay2 kimberly self kills just so i cant kill her.lol

    4. CheepHeep


      @Eazy - You are my arch nemesis when it comes to poison knives.

  8. Why study for midterms when you can do literally anything else, ha!

    1. Vindstot
    2. RedBaird


      That almost sounds like that pic I posted, about a student's looong month. :)  


      LWV, you have so many other 'irons in the fire' that that emotion is understandable.  



    3. RedBaird


      This is not quite LVW's situation, but close enough. :) 




  9. I got my back piece worked on a little bit, I have three additional hours that'll go into it at the end of the month.

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