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  1. Hoorah! Happy to have served in the Canadian Armed forces with these men and women and honor the ones who served before us!
  2. None yet been waiting to hear :$
  3. You don't have to download them all bc those are map packs and everything to for free but if you want them then yes download them all
  4. hopefully see you online soon then thunder
  5. Ok I will double check when I get home and figure out what's going on with it lol
  6. yes just install repz for mw2 and then there are dedicated servers heres the link for it http://repziw4.net/ just follow the download and install instructions then you will have dedicated servers anymore questions just pm me and i can help set you up bud
  7. Dave download repz and install it then you will have dedicated servers for mw2, that's how I play dedicated servers for mw2
  8. Ya its no longer four delta one its repz that is doing dedicated servers for mw2, its been modded out like this for a few years now, repz has a very active website and forums and they are very reliable if you guys are wanting more information on repz just let me know I'll give you the website, the servers are very full and active too because everyone on PC hates the lobby match making so as soon as they modded it to have dedicated servers it was like sanctuary and picked the game activity up alot
  9. Ok that works let me go beg for a server or two
  10. Ya I'll have to check which one is more popular but either taking a chance for either of them wont hurt
  11. Same with me but we have to start thinking of getting more serious about the other cod games, I have mw2 and black ops so I'm down for both games both can get dedicated servers too
  12. Depends if we can make it grow quickly
  13. I'm down like China town for this one it'll be my first time on the Abner server

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