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  1. What bugs you in ET?

    I hate it when a shuffle occurs and then people just move back to the teams they were originally in...
  2. Where ur name in-game is from!!!!!

    K41 relates to something I studied in school.
  3. Admins

    Generally its annoying when it occurs, but at least there is an effort to make things better.
  4. Fuel Dump Revenge

    I want to be clear on this: I am now aware engineers cannot jump over the barbed fence. But can engineers just jump onto the roof of the truck building from the depot gate wall (and therefore have free passage into the fuel depot)? Also, what about covert ops?
  5. Unbalanced teams

    Hi Dfighter, I've uplaoded screenshots instead in my original post. I didn't have space to upload the final oneso I'll upload it here in this post.
  6. Unbalanced teams

    So just now, two individuals stacked a team. I asked them to switch. Neither did. A third individual joined and he didn't reply at all and added to the stack. This is a regular occurrence on beginners xps 1. Unfortunately, though the admins are good, I've observed inconsistent admin to where some admins work based on the scores, others work based purely on #'s of players. There needs to be a common ground here. I also feel there needs to be some sort of automatic shuffle that is introduced when the player numbers are stacked by three or more players. I've tried uploading a demo file but it says I'm not permitted. EDIT: I've uploaded screenshots of the demo instead. I made them into BMPs which were too big, so saved them as gifs which reduced quality but it shows enough I think. Please note, I don't recollect ever asking individual players to switch before but this just got on my nerves.
  7. Where can this be done thanks.
  8. Jay1 maps

    I think that is better suited to fun. Beginners server should allow for beginners to learn the maps.
  9. That pathetic moment when you make it behind a wall and a second later your dead from a random bullet glitching through the wall because of ping.
  10. Jay1 maps

    And TC Base has gone thankfully. I don't think Axis Lab map is that great either, but haven't played it much tbh. But TC Base is just a spawn camp fest for allies.
  11. Headshots vs Bodyshots

    I've always found headshots mean more. I can get 30+% and still lose the duel if I don't get a headshot, so I always try to get headshots now. What I want to know is why there are some players with 300 ping that aim just as well as someone with low ping to me. That makes zero sense to me...
  12. Poison gas: Can it be removed(fa recruit xpsave)

    I find them highly useful for both sides. As a passing point I'd love to see them only part of covert ops set up (and not also soldier) which would give more people reason to use covert op. I always thought it was a little strange that soldiers got the poison too. Anyway I doubt many would agree with that point.
  13. Desert Rats

    I might also add that "Streets of Marrakesch by night " also needs an anti-rush. Today I saw a player break the laboratory entrance by trick jumping over the wall, so JUST as the tank had destroyed the entrance, the laboratory entrance was destroyed. This spoils the map because it makes it considerably easier for allies to win and doesn't give a chance for axis to defend. In my opinion an anti-rush should be in place, perhaps 15-18 minutes, not sure, but just something to stop people doing it. I have no problem people trick jumping over the wall, but I do think its unfair to axis team if engineer can trick jump over wall and destroy lab entrance before or just in the instance that tank destroys entrance.
  14. Reporting players

    Thanks, you may close.
  15. Desert Rats

    I think this map needs an anti-rush (so you can't set dynamite til a certain time period, similar to Siwa Oasis). For very large teams i don't think its too bad but for medium size teams and low sized teams, its just too quick. A lot of people jump the walls and just place the dynamite straight away. The problem would be solved with a simple anti-rush. What are your thoughts?