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  1. et server suggestion Balance system on Nq3.

    sometimes ...not always i vote for a map ...when it comes ..lol i am happy ,stay and play........ so imo voting must be enabled... specially when there are less players and to big maps come to play .....then i am glad that i am able to vote for smaller maps ty ...with frendley regards ...me!
  2. Cant connect to FA servers

    wow ..how hard it must be ....Dare DEVIL THX PROBLEM SOVED.... i did a 3 behind the NQ folder and logged in ..yeahhh it worked..... thx to ann!b@l, Daredevil, notajedi,...(whas on me mind first ....Graficscard driver no good..... so updated it already,but good point ...needed new driver..' and antichrist thx for all thinking and helpping ... and yes Ann!b@l i gonne clear some old pk3 files and clean all up... thanks all !beer or Limonade all ...greetz PLoFF cya on battlefield...<3
  3. Cant connect to FA servers

  4. Cant connect to FA servers

    os = windows 7 Ultimat ..64x screen picture i have now ...but?. how.i must bring it here?.....(sorry ) lol ...weuu got it ..its in gallery ,screenshots..last page ..now ill try to get it here......ok ok shout it oud looud... http://fearless-assassins.com/gallery/image/4469-screen-et/ try this link....
  5. Cant connect to FA servers

    ..os = windows 7 Ultimate screenshot....lets try.......
  6. Cant connect to FA servers

    heey hallo found me problem , same problem here..on NQ3 only awaiting gamestate and looks like its freeze ,so i am not able to login. on the other servers i am able to login..strange huh...(omg me again ) i tryed to startup as administrator,wont work and downloaded the PK3 cleaner (the link here above )and no succes me screen gives a error its called 106155 files in PK3 files Recursive error Fail -00-: Can't open PK3...after: Fail -00 -:Cant open PK3... hopefully some has another a option to try?......or must install ET again already tanks for helping ... frendley regards Ploff
  7. field of vieuw /maxpackets

    tank you very muts peeps.... i have written it down in me startup icon like masa says and afther that i did written it down in console Platonic way....i guess its ok now.....it seems like it .. only ...lol i am not able to say what solution helped me the best ..oops..lol..anyway i checked me startup and it whas still written in there ...so ..lets rok and roll ..i wil find out ...thx for ya support gentelmans cya on the fields.. greetzzzzzzzzz PLoFF
  8. field of vieuw /maxpackets

    really dont know if it is... Platonic WarWhat helps with me is, instead of using /cl_maxpackets etc, using /seta cl_maxpackets. /writeconfig autoexec.cfg could be another solution. i think i must change it in me cfg file....but how?
  9. eyya guys/girls... i am playing now for a several time at the nq3 but every time when the next new map is loading ,me field of view and the maxpackets are returning to the minimun. the Fov is returning to 0 and the maxpackets are returning to 30 ...so every map i must wait at starting map and change it in ...menu/tweaks. enybody knows how to solve this ?....so that it stays on the valeua that i put in. already thx .....greetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PL0FF PS....i am not such a script geek so if ya know the solution plz ...tell me gentle