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    Can anibody send me alredy instaled program for screen recording
  2. !help

    yes i was want to do a frag movie i use ETpro and nq and silent i tipe it like this:/cg_gunX 1,2,3,4,5...
  3. Pro

    i am doing this on ETpro servers thanks
  4. server problems

    ok thanks
  5. server problems

    i got a ET from this website now it works:) its only one thing why is sw2 server empty
  6. !help

    it sees ¨cg_gunX 2¨ is uinknow comand
  7. server problems

    yes you can send me this but i don't want to louse my profile
  8. Pro

    tnx for alllll
  9. !help

    it's like that: /cg_gunX 2
  10. server problems

    I dl this and then what
  11. server problems

    i can't connect to stopwatch2 it sees that i have an old version of ET
  12. !help

    in demos
  13. Pro

    nono how to tape in console
  14. Pro

    plz tell me exacli how to tipe config in console !!!!
  15. !help

    why i can't use this option in wolfenstien on demos: /cg_gunX