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  1. What?? You lied? How are you a phoenix? :/
  2. News Welcome our new staff member

    Congratulations spyder!
  3. ET Discussion on Reddit

    Let's go to all the ET videos and post a comment directing them here
  4. nVIDIA_ , no name/ xp

    In order to save your xp. You need to save your etkey and silent.dat file since you play on a silent modded server. If you have saved them. Just copy them both into your etmain directory located in your Wolf:ET folder. If you haven't, unfortunately you will have to start from scratch. Even if you had saved your files. You haven't played in over a month, so your xp would have been automatically reset anyway. My advice is to just start fresh and enjoy levelling up again. I hope you find motivation to do this. Regarding your name. Go to your etmain folder, look for a file type. Cfg and open it in a text document. Add or edit the line /setname to whatever it is you want to call yourself. Alternatively you can do this in game. Once you're on the server, open the console and type /setname nvidia. I'm assuming nvidia is the name you are wanting to go for. To save this you can type /writeconfig nvidia. This will save your current settings to a. Cfg file called nvidia. . Should you lose your settings or wish to reinstall again. Save that. Cfg file and ensure its in your etmain folder again once ET has been reinstalled.. Once in game just open the console and type /exec nvidia (or whatever you want to call it when you type /writeconfig). This should restore your settings. You may have to type /vid_restart and /snd_restart for all settings to take effect. Hope this answer is satisfactory enough for you. Enjoy!
  5. You are in the following chapters.
  6. ET Discussion on Reddit

    Nice stuff. You should give them the link to our forums and tell them they can download it safely free from our website. That way they'll visit our website too!
  7. Hello F|A members

    Welcome to our forums!
  8. Hey there ET players! And Game Artists!

    Hello Cito! I've seen you a few times myself! Welcome to our forums mate! Glad you're enjoying yourself.
  9. How Smiley Became The Next World Famous Artist It was an incredibly dark and gloomy evening, much like winter, at least that's how smiley described it to me as he casually stared outside the window of his bedroom, focusing on the dark clouds above drifting along, attempting to create different shapes and objects out of them with his imagination. Smiley, being a growing teen never lacked in that area, he could often lose himself in his thoughts as if he could mentally transport himself to another world or dimension. Hours would go by, even days (maybe years) and he'd still be senselessly sitting there just day dreaming. You have maybe seen him online throughout the wee hours of the morning. Now you know why. *COCKADOODLEDOOO* One of Smiley's fantasies was to be with me (Cheep). Too frequently would he start dreaming of me and soon his inner voice had to tell him to snap out of it and to bring him back to the real world. "damn" smiley muttered under his breath as he looked at the time. It was 4am and smiley was wide awake and....hungry. With nothing else to do, Smiley got up and made himself a chicke--- *ahem* cheese sandwich. He snatched a bottle of cold water from the fridge and headed back to his room. It was dark and silent in the house. The rest of his family had gone to sleep long ago and so Smiley was tiptoeing his way back avoiding the squeaky floorboards that plagued the corridor leading to his mini mancave. Pretty sure if anybody was watching him, it would look like he was dancing. In fact, you'd have to be quite flexible to pull off some of the maneuvers that he was making. Finally! After about 15 hours, he made it, completing his daily exercise of silently dancing his way back to his room. It definitely got his heart beating and allowed the adrenaline to flow through his body. One could say that he was training to be a ninja. He was pretty good at keeping quiet. Anyway, he got back to his chair and shuffled his way closer to his desk where his poor excuse of a computer was. His monitor went idle and his screensaver had appeared, a lovely chicken in a bathing suit. How appropriate. He moved his mouse to "wake up" his PC. He named his PC, Cheep Jnr. After me of course. *sigh* what can i say. The kids obsessed. He hops on to discord and proceeds to message his favourite person and ultimately true love. CheepHeep. You see, he has been working on a couple of maps for the past few weeks and is in need of a server to test it on. So he tried to set up his own one and test it with me but....he failed. I could not connect and so he started crying. It took all of my strength to calm him down but eventually the pacifier that I so kindly bought and posted to him did the trick, he popped into his mouth and viola. I know. Im so great. After he had calmed down, he was thinking of a way to get it tested, and so he went to ask DD for assistance but he had no reply for a few seconds, minutes maybe centuries. He started getting a little panicked and frustrated as he really wanted to wrap this project of his up that he had been working on day and night. And this is where it began. I was concerned about his health as he had been focusing on his project for ages but.... It was I that had unlocked the inner artistry that was laying dormant within Smileys soul. Only my words, my inspiration and my encouragement that could lead Smiley to greatness and to tap into his ultimate self. He then fell in love with me....but we will skip the details on that part. At first he was clueless, lost like a stray puppy. It was only because of me that the ideas started sprouting out of him. With my guidance he could conquer the world with his art. You will soon see! He was doubting his skills at first but upon further encouragement as you can see above, he started to believe himself and so he attempted to draw. I almost broke down into tears when i first saw his drawings. It was amazing i tell you! As i sat there patiently waiting for his masterpiece, I started to wonder if I had just discovered the next Picasso but my trail of thought was cut off by the sound of Smiley saying he was done! WHAT? 2 Minutes!? and he was finished. Wow. Such speed. Definitely an artist in the making. When I first laid eyes on his initial self portrait, i was stunned. The amount of detail and work he put into it. He had managed, somehow by gods will, to create a years work of art into 2 minutes. World Class! What puzzled me was the text, but it soon became clear that he was trying to tell me something. Remember i told you he fell in love with me? Yep...this is him confessing! And so just to make him happy, i told him to draw us together playing ET. Of course he drew me with a big head because of the amount of brains i had. The truth is though, is that i was in a human costume and im just sitting in the head area. Hence, the size. I wasn't completely satisfied with his work though. So i had told him to make it more detailed. Add a bit of life to it! I also told him, i like being on the left side so he drew it again and placed me on the left side this time. Oh boy oh boy! The moment i have been waiting for. I will now reveal to you the ultimate masterpiece. The best selling piece of art. Pricing at 100000000000000000000000000000000000 USD, it has been labelled as a the worlds first most priceless piece of work. An artifact that will travel down the generations to symbolise the capacity of the humans capability in this day and age. I now present to you the final masterpiece: Now now. Keep those mouths closed. You are going to get drool all over your keyboards. *sigh* who knew we were in the midst of a celebrity. FA has been put on the map for good. You make us proud smiley. You really do and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work. THE END.
  10. How i play et now

    Slowly getting there. THanks for the updates. you'll be right as rain in no time!
  11. 1on1 competition

    Sorry Finnish people aren't allowed. They have inbuilt hacks in their bodies.
  12. 1on1 competition

    I'm in but when do you plan on making this happen. When I'm still in Malaysia with horrible ping. I see what you're trying to do. Trying to handicap me out of fear of my awesome skills! I'm in. I'll try at least.
  13. Grp Fix Request Level 4 request :D

    United Blood set him on HC and SIlent1.
  14. Hello everyone!

    Hey man! Welcome to our forums. You should join our discord server to easily stay connected with all of us! If you need any help, just ask