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  1. I feel for you, we can't even put up bird feeders here because of the bears...
  2. I started watching it, however when I saw Mt Weather in the show I was a bit disheartend. I live 25 miles from the real Mt Weather here in Virginia and have driven past the entrance to the facility many times. The mountain and the surrounding terrain look nothing like it does in the TV show. The film is actually shot in Canada.
  3. Paypal is OK for Ebay, however for most other websites it is quite a hassle. You shouldn't have to sign up with someone to make a simple transaction however Paypal's goal is to dominate the online eco-system.. Very few web developers these days that are worth their salt use PayPal, we use Stripe quite extensively as it'a API is easily integrated, quite secure and doesn't require you to sign up for anything.
  4. I agree with Mel, Ted Cruz is heavily invested in the telecommunications arena. He's also apt to disagree with anything coming out the White House these days.
  5. The last movie I saw at a theater was.....
  6. This isn't surprising as they're the same minimum specs posted on Steam when Ghost's came out. They latter changed the requirement from 64 to 32Bit after it was found the game ran fine with 4GB RAM. Without dedicated servers it will soon go the way of Ghosts, which now a year latter has less than 5,000 people playing it when I look online. Why, because of the uncontrolled hacking. No COD is worth playing because of hackers, and I even consider those who tweak ingame console settings or their MP.config files to gain advantages over other players as cheaters myself.
  7. If you want to here a true traditional Tidewater Virginia accent, jump on Teamspeak sometime, that's the accent I have, it's the same one George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson would have had....
  8. The Online translator screws up every language, bing is the worst
  9. American English is actually more "English" than British English, British English has evolved and dropped things that we have not. Our dialect is closer to that spoken in Britain during the 1700's, commonly known as "the Kings English", especially if you're a native of the east coast states that were British Crown Colonies..
  10. Need Heretic to fix my account again, I'm back on a PC, not a MAC....

  11. Actually it depends on what you want to do with it. While I agree it's a killer card, depending on it's application it's just a piece of highly priced overkill IMHO. I was looking at it myself, however I'm not a huge gamer Elite PC Gamer, so I can't justify the price. I'll be getting either the GTX 760 or 770Ti
  12. ReaperROS

    video help

    Dude, just download Adobe Premier Pro. It's free for 30 days....
  13. Because someone would complain or call it porn, or something else

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